Daddy's Babysitting!

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Uploaded 3rd Apr 2013 at 9:08 AM · Updated 17th Apr 2013 at 2:05 PM by spladoum

*Compatible with the "Pose List" feature of the newest Pose Player!*

A speed set--this took me about 22 hours from start to finish. I originally meant to make these for a friend who kept finding family-centric pose sets that she liked, only to find that they were for a completely different game. But in my experience, children climb their caretakers like trees. Especially if their caretakers are tall. So rather than making a cute set, I ended up making this, because every time I babysit, I somehow become a personal jungle gym. Sorry, heaven.

Pose tags are as follows:

A shoulder ride gone just slightly wrong.

"I wanna go with mommy!"
"Mommy's trying to get away from you, kiddo."


"Daddy, can you pick me up?"
"Sure ..."


"This is only funny until I fall on you."

AKA "the hurler."

"Thank you for blowing up my pool, Daddy!"
"No problem."
"Can you blow up my bouncehouse next?"
"Haha. Hell no."


"You just had to put that Chapstick before you did this, didn't you ..."


"Please stay asleep. Please stay asleep."

You will have to use "moveobjects on" to place the sims in position. Once you cancel the poses, the adult and child sims will lump together and look like a mutant tumor. This is okay! Direct them to walk away from each other and all will be well.

I have not tried the set with teenagers or adult female sims, so I don't know how well the child poses will match up, if there will be excessive clipping/floating, etc. And I'm not able to do a similar set for toddlers. Blender and I are still not getting along very well. :embarrassed:

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney for the incredible Pose Player
OrangeMittens for the excellent "Creating Your Own Custom Poses" tutorial
WesHowe for the AnimTool
Mesher for the AM/child rigs
Inge Jones for S3PE and the rest of the Sims community at large for assistance and encouragement.