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The Boss--Bar Oasis

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Uploaded: 26th Jul 2013 at 6:25 AM
Updated: 6th Aug 2013 at 10:32 PM - adding slider files.
ETA, August 6: If you were not able to download the needed facial sliders from awT's or ladyfrontbum's site, they are now included as downloadable items in the attachment area.

... so I already hear you all saying "What the hell is Bar Oasis?"

Well, it's an iOS game that I found totally by accident when idly searching the App Store to see if there were any games out there that dealt with mixing drinks. The first thing that caught my eye was a nicely-rendered shaker. I became interested, read favorable reviews, heard something about a storyline and was sold. "Looks good!" said I, and promptly ponied up $2, expecting something that would keep me happy for about three days. I found, much to my surprise, that in addition to being a bartending simulator, it's also a dating game. The storyline immersed me quickly and although I had a lot of fun learning how to mix drinks, I soon became enamored of the bar's cast of characters and all of their foibles.

After a week of non-stop gaming, I found out there was a sequel. I happily handed over $3 and thought I might get through the entire game in a week's time. That was well over a month ago and I'm still playing just about every day. So far the game has made me laugh until I cramped, weep uncontrollably, and get terribly drunk on a single glass of alcohol. (If you get the game and decide to make real-life drinks from the recipes, be careful with your proportions! The recipes are very strong!)

As the game begins, you play as Victor Johnson, the down-on-his-luck narrator who desperately needs a job, and wanders into a shabby bar after seeing a "help wanted" sign on the door. And the first person you'll meet is this guy.

This is your boss, almost always known as "Boss." Boss is a master bartender who has three simple rules for you, his newest (and only) employee:

* The bar stays open every day of the week, even if only for one customer
* You ARE NOT allowed to date any of the customers
* Don't let the customers catch you looking at recipes while you make their drinks

So with that wisdom ringing in your ears, Boss will teach you how to pour a shot and serve a customer a beer. And then he will subsequently leave you alone to tend the entire 7-seat bar while he heads outside to whistle at girls. We're talking Employer of the Year, here!


"Boss" (real name: Jean-Francois) is lazy as hell, terribly irresponsible, sarcastic, rude, and cheap. He gossips about you (Vic) to all of the regulars and makes your customers think that you're some sort of sexual deviant (they WILL ask you about this while you're serving them drinks!). Oh, and more than once he'll leave you alone to tend the bar while he departs for parts unknown on his motorcycle and doesn't come back around for days and days.

But who can resist that yummy stubble? :lovestruc

It was useless to resist his dubious charm, so I set about making a "Boss" sim to share with all of you, because if all of his charming personality quirks aren't enough to melt you into goo, he's also mighty easy on the eyes. Oh, Boss, why must I love you so?

I tried to base Boss's traits on his in-game behavior. He is, of course, a lazy sod (couch potato) and loves to makes jokes at Vic's expense (good sense of humor). He is also particularly fond of his antique motorcycle (vehicle enthusiast) and careful with its maintenance (handy). And thanks to his long-standing habit of letting customers tell him whatever and absorbing it (to whisper in another ear), people tend to believe his half-truths (charismatic). Particularly the one about Victor being very ... impressive. His LTW want, naturally, is to be a master mixologist.

Now for your grocery list of needed custom content! Boss comes with no custom skin and no CC included. I tried very hard to keep Boss base-game compatible, and he is, though you will need to be patched to game patch 1.55 to use him. Boss will be found in the adult section of your sim bin.

Skintone: Eskin WEAK, Non-default -- teru_k
Hair: Blue -- Lapiz
Facial Conturing Makeup: Face contouring and defining makeup -- Arisuka
Nose Conturing, Eye bags: Nose contour and Tired eyes make up -- Arisuka
Facial Hair: Don't Fuzz With Me -- Arisuka
Brows: Super Low, Groomed and Tilted brows -- Arisuka
Eyes: Oh My, Non-default -- escand
Everyday top: Happy Hour! -- by me
(All of Boss's other clothes, including the outerwear, is from the base game.)

You will need a few sliders installed in your game to make sure that Boss's face comes out into that smug shape we know and love:

Chin Width: Chin Width Slider -- GnatGoSplat
Nostril Rotation by awT -- available as a downloadable file
Eye/Facial Sliders by bella3lek4 -- available as a downloadable file

Of course, make sure you have an extended slider mod, like Master Controller or Awesome Mod, before you download all of those sliders, especially if you think you may want to do some additional tweaking ... otherwise the extra sliders may not show!

Have fun with him!
~ splad

Additional Credits:
Many, many, MANY thanks are due to FREEDOM_55, who spent a LOT of time very patiently helping me through this facial sculpt. I couldn't have gotten through without you! Thank you so much!

I also want to thank trinicmuslim, jje1000, SimmyRN, Twi, heaven, HystericalParoxysm, Jaguwar, and anyone else in #create or on CFF who took the time to watch the process come together. Your encouragement means a ton! Thank you!

And of course, I have to thank the geniuses at Corners Studio who created such an engaging and well-written game for us to play--and such memorable characters to drool over