TESTERS WANTED - Assignable gravestone

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2005 at 10:39 AM
Updated: 27th Aug 2005 at 2:48 PM
I finally worked out the method of assigning a ghost to a gravestone. I borrowed the summoning behaviour code and used the sims 1 coding (which was fortunately the same) to show up only ghosts on the pie menu. I then made it so that you can assign a ghost to a gravestone. This is the regular gravestone so if you want it has a different object, you are free to clone it. I've placed it under outside and miscellaneous.

There are some issues however, not all the ghosts appear on the menu. I had three ghosts in my neighourhood and the third one wasn't on the menu. The other issue is that ghosts from other neighbourhoods show up on the menu. Such as Darryl Dreamer's wife. I've also made it so you can force the ghost to come out but will not work if the ghost you choose is invalid (eg. from a different neighbourhood).

Anyway, try it out for those who want the ghosts roaming around again and see how it goes. I originally made it hoping that it would work with the resurrection phone if the grave had been deleted but doesn't seem to. What I'd suggest doing is assigning the ghost, exit and save the lot then go back in and try the resurrection phone. Just a guess. Some ghosts cannot be resurrected regardless of whether they have a grave.

27-8-2005: I have made a few changes. Firstly, I've added all the platinum graves as many of you requested. Secondly, I've added another file called gravematters. This file makes it possible to have a cemetary in that the graves will not disappear when placed unassigned. Furthermore, they are categorised for community lots.

Gravematters also - and I haven't had an opportunity to test it - makes it so that when you delete a default grave, it doesn't delete (unlink) your character data. So if you have a sim you don't care about - or backed up your neighbourhood - and want to try this out, let me know if it works. Basically, if you can still use this character (through SimPE or resurrection) after deleting the default gravestone they leave behind, then this hack works. I've also written in an inhouse code for the custom graves to do the same - that is not delete your character data.

I'm leaving the old grave.zip file up as well in case the new files don't work. Once it has been determined that they do work, then I will remove it. The newer graves should work a lot better displaying ALL the ghosts rather than hit and miss as the original seemed to do. Gravestone.zip is the updated version of grave.zip. UrnFamily is the family aspiration urn and so on. Gravematters is the hack that I mentioned above.