Assignable Gravestone

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2006 at 4:05 PM
Grave Matters

Once again, I lost my description while trying to format it. In future, remind me to do a copy in notepad first aaah i lost it again!!! The back button doesn't reload your text

Anyway, I present to you an early christmas gift as part of a greater project. This requires all expansions and will definitely crash on the load screen without pets.

Here's what this object does:

1. You may assign any ghost to the urn
2. Providing there's no ghost assigned, you may sell the urn/grave in your business
3. You may unassign a ghost and leave it vacant
4. You may change the appearance from normal to any aspiration grave
5. You may either instantly create a ghost requiring the sims attention or immediately ready/unready a ghost to appear in the near future
6. Finally, you may resurrect any ghost assigned to this grave but requires the sim's attention


I couldn't manage to coax the grave into switching between urn and grave upon placement or upon demand, so I've made it so when you change the appearance, it becomes an urn inside and a grave if on the ground outside. Once you've got it how you like it, it will stay that way until you change the model again.

Ressurection is kinda experimental but seems to be working. However, I couldn't stop from having resurrection appear on the menu when there is no ghost assigned. Please don't click this unless you are eager and if you are than make sure your sim is doing nothing - but it's pointless because your sim will just do nothing other than pop out of any interaction they're in

Do not add to your inventory while a ghost is lurking; make sure the ghost is "sleeping". I don't think it will cause any issues but there's a chance it might.

Even though it requires pets, there is no support for pet ghosts and pet graves

There are no relationship boons for resurrecting a sim but the sim will come back in whole not zombied or nit-witted.


I have tested this urn in the house only.

I have not tested this urn by moving it to a community lot or from a community lot. I have not tested whether the sim stays in your family or not. If anybody can confirm this, let me know.

I do not yet know if this ghost will appear without being prompted to


Note that the haunt interaction is the same as clickong on the Spawn Ghost is Off/On. It's just that the latter tells you whether you are constantly spawning and being tormented by the ghost (on) or if it doesn't appear.

Finally, if you have any GRAVE concURNS about this object, either post here or PM me hehe