Just a Touch: Eyeliners

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Uploaded: 8th Nov 2013 at 9:42 AM
You may remember that, when I uploaded my Peahen Eyeshadows, I jokingly said "First it was subtle lipglosses, now I've gone and made simple eyeshadows. Next up will probably be eyeliner." Well har-di-har, smartarse, looks like you've gone and jinxed yourself.

I've always wanted eyeliner which is just eyeliner. No false lashes, no big ugly Maxis smear (I swear, that second Maxis eyeliner makes my sims look like they've all got black eyes), and just on the upper lid, because the moment you eyeline your bottom lid my brain goes "THAT'S NOT EYELINER THAT'S KOHL", even though I have no idea what the difference is. So. Eyeliners!

(You have NO IDEA how weird it is for me to see a sim wearing that much makeup in my game, I just did it to prove to myself that the winged purple eyeliner is actually useful.)

I sort of departed from both tradition and my own intent by making a couple of winged eyeliners here. I didn't intend to - the mapping around the eyes of a face is terrible, and getting any recognisable shape on the alpha is more reminiscent of playing coconut shy than texturing. So I accidentally made some winged eyeliners, and actually quite liked them - so you get them too. Lucky you!

I also originally intended to do natural hair-matchy colours, but given that sim eyelashes are always black, brown or ginger eyeliner just looked stupid. So instead you get black, and a relatively classy purple and red, if you like. I'll probably stick to the black, myself. Enabled for all ages and genders, because I cleverly forgot to untick boxes.

Additional Credits:
Leyla is my own sim, wearing eyes by -Shady-, skin by HystericalParoxysm, eyeshadow by me, lipstick by CuriousB and a hair by Almighty Hat.

Arthenna is a modified sim by Dragonflysparkles, wearing eyes by -Shady-, skin by HystericalParoxysm, eyeshadow by Maxis, lipstick by Charterzard and a hair by Trapping.

Everyone's eyebrows are by Trapping.