Muscle Slider Fix for Naked Teens and Elders - Updated 09/01

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2010 at 6:16 PM
Updated: 9th Jan 2011 at 2:07 PM by whiterider
09/01/11 - Added a version which does not fix male bottoms, for compatibility with peen. Note that this will not fix the peenified male bottoms - it just makes room for a separate fix for those (and avoids castration).

Ah, EA, you do so much for us lowly modders. I could be revising for my very important exam on Thursday: or I could be fixing your bloody stupid bugs.

What bug?
Everyone loves the muscle slider. Shiny, lumpy sims who look like they're about to explode - who wouldn't want that? Well, EA, apparently. Meet a family with absolutely no sense of moderation when it comes to the muscle slider:

And now meet them naked:

That's right - when teens or elders strip, or go topless using the naked top in swimwear, sleepwear or athletic... they lose their muscle (and boob) tone. The reason for this is completely stupid - the sliders work based on normalmaps, and the nude meshes (and a couple of underwear meshes which I have also fixed, see attached pic) don't support normalmaps.

So this fix adds normalmap support to the affected meshes, allowing your sims to stay muscular all the time! No longer will your strapping sims become laughing stocks in the locker room (or bedroom)! With this fix, your simmies will end up like this:

Mmm, shrunken cocktail sausages.

Just plop in Mods/Packages. If it doesn't seem to be working, go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3, and delete the simCompositorCache.package file - I didn't have to delete that file to get these working, but you never know.

These only fix the EA nude meshes. If you have a default replacement nude mesh with the same problem, it'll need to be fixed separately.

It doesn't work! None of my sims can use the muscle slider!
This bug only affects teens and elders. If your adult sims also can't use the muscle sliders, then you have an out of date non-default skintone which needs to be updated.

If you are a creator and you want to ensure that your custom clothes aren't affected by this issue, click below:

Policy: Please don't include this with sims etc, as it's impolite to include hacks with such things. If you want to rip this apart, rip it off, or whatever to help with your own project, go for it - drop me a PM if I can help you understand anything.

Additional Credits:
Many many thanks to BloomsBase and CmarNYC for their invaluable help in figuring out how to fix this; and also to Delphy, for his many tools, most of which I used incorrectly and to no avail.

For the models, thanks to LadyFrontbum for skins and the open shirt, HP for skins, and Marcos_Edson for panties.