Knead a new WinDough - 3 Tiles/5 Slots

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2012 at 12:58 AM
The universe is innately logical. Even the most ridiculously unlikely phenomena can be explained. For example - the fact that I have at least twenty partly-constructed lots in my game, and only one lot upload, is explained by the fact that every time I build, I end up thinking "Dang, I really need a...", and stop building to make it. Then never finish making "it". Why don't I just find a workaround, you ask? I don't know. I always seem to make much a-dough about muffin.
In this case, I was building a run-down old London terrace house, and thought "Dang, I really need a three tile version of this window". So I made one! Then I stopped building the lot anyway. Ah well...

After holding my hand through a ridiculous amount of trouble making the thing three-tile, and even more trouble tweaking the wallmasks pixel-by-pixel, Leesester then proceeded to add a bunch of slots to the window. I am dubious about describing that bit as "help", because there's no way I could have added slots myself, so really this is a joint creation. Thankyou, Lee!

And the result - a three-tile WinDough with five slots for all sorts of clutter:

(The bike is two tiles, the box is one... yeah, just look at the other pic if you don't believe it's on three tiles )

The window is called WinDough on Three (stop looking at me like that, EA named it!), and costs §325, just like the original. It has four channels, also just like the original; and is repo'd for teensy tiny filesize.


Polygon Counts:
Identical to EA original.
LOD1: 1832
LOD2: 752

Additional Credits:
For doing about 65% of the work, Lee.

For tools, of course, Inge and Peter.
For various stuff used in the pics: lemoncandy, purplepaws, and ATS Sandy.