The Treehouse Tree

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2013 at 8:36 PM
Updated: 11th Nov 2013 at 12:57 AM
When I was growing up, I would've loved to have a treehouse. Sadly none of our trees were big enough since they were planted when I was in grade school. Fast forward.. uh.. a lot of years and I found myself wishing my little sims could have a treehouse. Since we don't have to wait for trees to grow in the Sims I decided to see what I could do about that. I started by editing the birch tree from the game, which was going ok-ish when I saw this tree by misty fluff on her tumblr. Since she has a very open TOU, I quickly snagged that cute little mesh and did a bit of editing to make this decorative tree - which worked fine and I've happily used it since then. Then I got a message a few days ago from Raynuss saying he edited my tree and wanted to know if I wanted it to offer as an alternative. A real tree? That changes with the seasons if you have Seasons? Absolutely. So- with his permission, here is that tree.

The tree can be found in Build Mode>Gardening>Trees and costs 396 Simoleons.

The download does not contain the treehouse, just the tree! But it's very, very easy to build the treehouse itself. There are pics in the download showing how I build the treehouse.
While the tree is base game compatible, if you don't have Seasons ONLY the summer state will show. If you do have Seasons, it will change with the seasons.

Many thanks (and much credit) to misty fluff and Raynuss. Without her conversion, there wouldn't be a treehouse tree. Without his edits of my tree, this awesome seasonal tree wouldn't exist!

Polygon Counts:
6145 - over 9 tiles - high poly yes, but better than the original 10,000 plus.

Additional Credits:
MilkShape, PhotoShop CS2, SimPE