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Warm Winds Resort

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Uploaded: 26th Mar 2014 at 12:50 PM
Warm Winds Resort
40 rooms to stay in!

Warm Winds welcomes all to the endless paradise lifestyle. Experience long days on the beach accompanied by restful nights in your suite. Spa treatments, various bars, live entertainment, all you can eat buffet, and of course the two story pool are all available when checking in here, at Warm Winds Resort!


First Floor - Lobby, 12 standard rooms, workout center, game room, spa, resort rabbit hole, 'fishbowl' pool access

Second Floor - 12 standard rooms, buffet, bars, wedding room, pool area

Third floor - 12 standard rooms, 'fishbowl' pool

Fourth Floor - 4 penthouse suites

Beach/Pier - Bar, band shelter, sandbox, firewalking pit

Standard rooms come with a single bed and full bath

Penthouse suites come with two queen sized beds, kitchenette, living room, and a full bath

Custom Content:

In order for this lot to function as a resort, you must download Misty/velocitygrass's Modern Tower Rug, which can be found right HERE

The rug can be found in the 'spa' on the first floor, due to all the different spa treatment options. Some guests may also use this as their hotel room so dont be surprised if they head to the spa if you tell them to 'turn in for the night'


Expansion Packs...
- Seasons
- Island Paradise
- World Adventures
- Late Night
- Into The Future
- Pets
- Showtime
- Generations
- Ambitions

Stuff Packs...
- Town Life Stuff
- High End Loft Stuff
- Master Suite Stuff
- Outdoor Living Stuff

Lot Placement:

Size - 64x64

Furnished - 860,638
Unfurnished - 258,501

Lot pictured is placed in Isla Paradiso at 101 Surf Circle, where Hobart's Hideaway is

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price: 860,638