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Bora-Shora Resort

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Uploaded: 23rd Jul 2013 at 1:02 PM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2013 at 2:14 PM by SeeMyu
[Size=3][color=SeaGreen]Welcome to the Bora-Shora Resort![/color][/size]
Ever since Margaret Pendragon made her resort rugs, I started to really think of resort ideas. Ever since IP was released, I've been wanting to create something tropical themed, so I didn't want to throw away this chance! This is a resort completely off land (well, most parts). This is a resort that made me want to jump off of a cliff because I kept running into problems. This is a resort that I love.

This lot does require University and Island Paradise as well!

[size=3][color=SeaGreen]Instructions for lot placement! Please Read![/color][/size]
Island Paradise has some really strange features and glitches with lots, so please read carefully on what to do when placing this lot! The check-in desk will automatically reset itself to the corner of the lot (it should still be CASt'd). Turn on Moveobjects through the cheat window and place the check-in desk between the two rocks under the canopy-thingy.

There is a known issue where once placing the lot, all boats on the lot will float in the air. Here's how to fix it. Once you've placed the lot, go into buy/build mode and click on them. Usually they should snap back to their docks, but if they don't, just place them there.

Another known issue is the wave-board in the office. For some reason, it resets to its sitting position instead of the hanging position. This can be fixed by going into buy/build mode and clicking on it. It should snap back onto the wall. These are all EA glitches and have nothing to do with the lot.

Lastly, you will need to install the resort rugs linked below and; if not already placed; place the Beach Tower rug in the spawning room. This is the only rug that will work in that room since the routing can actually fit in that space.

This lot should be placed on 101 Surf Circle


[size=3][color=SeaGreen]Room Info[/color][/size]
This lot comes with the following rooms:
- 2 Bedrooms
- 2 Kitchens
- 1 Bathroom (Two sims can use simultaneously)
- Office
- Misc. Room
- Art Room
- Library
- Bar
- Gym
- Spawning Room (Resort Rug Placed Here)

[size=3][color=SeaGreen]Lot Info[/color][/size]
Lot Size: 64x64
Furnished: $147,540
Unfurnished: $84,175

[size=3][color=SeaGreen]Custom Content Not Included, But Required[/color][/size]
Resort Tower Rugs by Margaret Pendragon

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: $147,540

Additional Credits:
#create chat
Aychpee, Margaret Pendragon, & heaven for their help and opinions.