Lighthouse Point [Haunted Base Starter]

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Lighthouse Point
(1 Bed, 1 Bath)

A History Of "Lighthouse Point":
In 1872, newlyweds Oliver and Elsnor Finche finished building the iconic lighthouse, along with their house on the shore. Oliver was a well known and trusted governor, but also a bit hardheaded and naive, with a massive amount of money. Elsnor was shrewd, cruel, and unforgiving with a heart as hard as stone and as cold as the sea. She married Oliver in hopes to murder him and run off with all his money. When the day came, she attempted to burn him alive by setting fire to their little house on the shore; but the plan backfired when the roof collapsed on both of them. Both their bodies were never found. After the incident, several people reported seeing the ghosts of the couple wandering about the remains on the beach. It became impossible to sell the lighthouse as it continued to deteriorate until 1938, when a lonely, washed up fisherman and sailor Sherman O'Cannan purchased the lighthouse and ruins. He didn't have many visitors, but those who knew him well enough to talk to him say that he kept going on about seeing "entities" some nights. Two years after he purchased the lighthouse, he mysteriously disappeared. Some say he was driven mad by loneliness and jumped into the rocky ocean from the lighthouse balcony, others say the ghosts pushed him over the railing. Either way, his body was never found. Yet some nights, when people go to marvel at the beauty of the lighthouse, they swear to see the ghost of O'Cannan roaming about the balcony, screaming, "Beware the ghosts, beware the ghosts..."

Outside - The ruins of the Fiche house, beach, walkway to the lighthouse
First Floor - Fridge, stove, sink, bar, table with two seats

Second Floor - Bed, toilet, sink, tub

Third Floor - Desk, couch, TV

Fourth Floor - Lighthouse light, telescope

None! No EPs, SPs, or CC required. Only base game objects and skins used.


Size: 50x25
Furnished - §15,758
Unfurnished - §868

Lot Size: 50x25
Lot Price: 15,758