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Separated Shutters (Shiftable Left & Right Pieces)

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2014 at 3:03 PM
Updated: 8th Jul 2014 at 6:03 PM - Fixed a major typoo. *hehe*
Wish EA curtains and shutters were modular? Me too.
So here are the two base game shutters separated into left and right pieces for greater flexibility. They are shiftable so they can fit most windows and they automatically purchase another after placement.

The meshes were also moved around just slighty so that now the tall ones don't cut through window frames and the short sit right up against the frame instead of having a gap exposing wall, so even using these separate pieces over a single tile window looks slightly better than the originals.

chasmchronicle already has a great set of modular EA curtains, shutters and blinds on MTS here, but I wanted ones that were flagged as a wall object and therefore hide when the walls are down so they don't block your view.

Object Info:
*These are brand new objects, they are not default replacements.*
Same presets and channels as the originals. Found under Curtains and Blinds in the catalogue.

NamePricePolygons (High~Low)
Shy Shutters Left$80131~27
Shy Shutters Right$80131~27
Shout Out Shutters Left$65136~50
Shout Out Shutters Right$65136~50

  • Holding down 'alt' as you shift them up and down allows for more precision.
  • Place the first one and shift it to the desired height then clone it with the eyedropper tool to get more at the exact same height.
  • Sometimes getting them on the right side of the wall can be tricky (especially if intersecting a roofline), so you might have to manually rotate them using '<' and '>' a few times but you'll eventually get them in the right spot.

Patch 1.67

Polygon Counts:
*refer to table above*

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop and Milkshape 3D