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[Script Mod] enable advanced debug/cheat interactions

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2014 at 8:19 PM
Updated: 13th Sep 2014 at 11:53 PM by leefish
This mod is a small script that patches a function in the maxis game code to enable additional debug cheats. It also always enable cheats without needing to use the testingcheats command.
The python source is included as it provides an example of how to replace methods and functions in the maxis code.
I do not guarantee that the mod won't break with future updates of the game or that I'll be able to be arsed to fix it. But hey, you have the source :p

Unlike the original less than subtle method of modifying python33.dll to force the __debug__ variable to true, this one doesn't seem to be suffering from any game breaking side effect (at least it didn't during my extremely thorough 20 seconds test of getting a sim to fish and then successfully cancelling it).

Installation: put the zip file in your Mods directory. The zip also contains the .py source.
Make sure that script mods are enabled in game options.

Update: Now doesn't require to use the testingcheats console command.

Below is the original post describing the original less than satisfactory python dll editing method, in case someone is interested for some reason:

So I was looking into the decompiled python code and I noticed that a lot of interesting things are enabled when the global __debug__ variable is set to true.

It turns out that it is a builtin python variable normally set by python when run in non-optimized mode. Sims 4 helpfully ships python as a separate DLL from the main binary, so we can easily do some good ole hex editing of the code in that dll to force this variable to be set.

1. Get HxD (http://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/).
1. Locate your sims 4 directory, which should be something something Origin Games/The Sims 4
2. Go into the Game/Bin directory.
3. Make a backup copy of Python33.dll
4. Launch HxD
5. Drag and drop Python33.dll into HxD
6. Press ctrl+f to bring up the search dialog
7. In "datatypes", select "hex-values"
8. In "search for", enter "0f45fd57"
9. The four bytes "0F 45 FD 57" will be highlighted. Click on the "45".
10. type "44", so that those bytes now read "0F 44 FD 57"
11. Save

Restart the game.

In the game a bunch of new debug interactions should now be available by shift clicking on sims, objects or directly on the lot, allowing to manipulate traits, emotions, spawn sims, break things, start fires etc.
They are always available without having to enter testingcheats true in the console, until you restore the original Python33.dll file.

Doing this is also probably a useful step towards enabling the commands to reload scripts on the fly. There are lots of console commands that are flagged as debug only, but even after doing the above they don't seem to work. This will need more investigation.