Breast Augmentation

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Uploaded 1st Oct 2014 at 7:55 AM · Updated 18th Oct 2014 at 4:58 PM by EVOL_EVOLVED

Here it is what everyone has been waiting for...BOOBS! Enjoy!

I have been working on expanding the range for all of the virtual sliders in the game and I have been quite successful in expanding the range of a lot of them but not all sadly. The game handles some differently than others, also some sliders are not named correctly in the game files so it has required a lot of trial and error. More mods to follow!

I spent some time trying to figure out a way to add new sliders without any success. At this time I can only edit/replace the current sliders so instead of replacing sliders for adjusting breast height, width, projection, and separation. I've decided to just make 9 different mods for different breast shapes from extreme to outrageous. All the mods allow for flat chested to extremely large breasts.

UPDATE: I've uploaded two more versions 111 and 222 these are basically just 1x and 2x the original EA limit. I've uploaded these for those that don't want huge boobs and/or don't like to see townies with huge boobs now that the plastic surgeon is in town.

10/18/14 UPDATE: Added 3 new requested breasts 454, 464, and 465.

Install Instructions
Choose your preferred Augmentation Unzip and place the .package in /Mods folder as usual Use only ONE!

Possible Conflicts:
This mod overrides 0355E0A6 00000000 8D010D847D674F6A and 0355E0A6 00000000 DC78C9BBFC8EF11D BOND Files, which only affect female breast size. This is only expected to conflict with other similar mods which none exist at this time.

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to the author of the following tool:
S4pe from Kuree