Work In Everyday Outfit

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Uploaded: 16th May 2015 at 8:18 PM
Updated: 5th Apr 2020 at 7:23 PM - Update for 1.16.61
UPDATE 2020/April/5: Update for 1.59.73 (I highly believe it's compatible with 1.60 and 1.61)
UPDATE 2016/March/30: Update for 1.16.61 (compatible down to 1.13.104)
UPDATE 2015/July/17: Update for 1.9.80 (still compatible with
UPDATE 2015/July/02: Update for 1.8.61

This mod will make your Sims go to work using their everyday outfit rather than their career outfits.

It should work with all careers for all ages, not limited to default careers and including GTW careers. Remember that you can change your outfit at the job.

This mod is based on my mod on the adult section of MTS and is an update of MasterDinadan's Go to Work in Everyday Clothing who has stopped updating the mod.

There are two packages to download, you must install only one. Both packages will make your Sims go to work in everyday outfit, including to GTW jobs.

The one called An_dz-WorkInEverydayClothes will make your Sim change to the career outfit after you shower or workout at your job.

The one called An_dz-AlwaysWorkInEverydayClothes will make your Sim always use everyday clothing even after showering or working out at your job.

This mod works with 1.16.61 down to 1.13.104, it will not work with older versions.

This mod overwrites the following ITUN/XML:
0x03B33DDF || 0x00000000 || 0x7D699DEF21212D5E
Any mod that overwrites it will conflict with this mod.

This means that it's not compatible with MasterDinadan's mod as well as my own mods in SexySims. You must install only one of those mods.

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