Larger Interaction Queue (updated 1.37.35)

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Uploaded: 9th Aug 2015 at 6:30 PM
Updated: 27th Jun 2018 at 12:15 AM by maybesomethingdunno
Staff update: Update here for 1.44.77

Please remember to use only one version of the file and to use the one that matches your game update version. I have removed all older version of this file to help prevent conflicts. If you find you need an older version please let me know.

UPDATE v1.37.35 patch (12/12/2017): You will need to UPDATE your file. Remember to remove the old version.

Please do not post other links to this mod. It is hard enough to maintain support due to game/mod version mismatch or use of multiple versions of this file. It is too much to ask me to support other's mods. If there is an update and is this mod is not patched within a couple of days or if you need support and have not heard from me in a couple days, please shoot me an email directly to johnbage[at]gmail[dot]com as I do not get notifications from this board despite my multiple reports. Thank you.

This package will increase the maximum value of the interaction queue from 6 to 10.

Please be sure to use the correct version, not both, and should be unzipped to your mods directory. Hope this helps.
Originally Posted by morgade
Resources and conflicts:

This mod replaces the following xml resource and will conflict with any mods that touches it:
0xB61DE6B4-0x00000000-0x0000000000003A75 ("sim_object" object instance, tunable "max_interactions")

There are more interesting tuning options in this xml, so please be aware that it is likely that some other mods using it will be made.
Note: Although you should not have any issues, I am not responsible if this blows up your game or computer!

Q: I am having problems with this file causing conflicts.
A: Please make sure you are running only one version of this file. When you update it is very important that you remove all older versions. Also make sure your game version matches the file version. If you are running any other mods, please make sure they do not modify the same XML (see above).

Q: A new patch came out. When are you going to update this file?
A: I usually try to update within a day or so after a new patch is released.

Q: I have an older version of this game. Will your mod still work?
A: I do not know. It is possible but I have my doubts. I highly recommend updating your game.

Q: I do not want to update my game but I still want this mod.
A: I do have some older versions stored here so if you do not want to update and still want to use it, send me your game version in a PM and I will try to send you the one for your particular game version.

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to morgade for the original version - Morgade's older version (outdated/abandoned)
Thanks to creators of Sims 4 Studio and s4pe