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Larger Autonomous Meal Size

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Uploaded: 4th Dec 2016 at 12:01 AM
Updated: 29th Apr 2022 at 7:05 PM - Update
This mod will not make any smart choices, it just forces medium meal sizes when the sim is acting on their own.

Replaces the fridge autonomous interaction XML files...
E882D22F 000000000000344C fridge_CookAutonomously
E882D22F 000000000000344E fridge_CookGourmetAutonomously
E882D22F 00000000000253A8 fridge_CookAutonomously_Vegetarian
E882D22F 00000000000253A9 fridge_CookGourmetAutonomously_Vegetarian

The edited XML files will replace all autonomous recipes with the medium size ones, also as a bonus I have added all the recipes used in expansions and unused ones in the base game to the autonomy. I have also included the non packaged source files with a bash script that can compile a list of all the recipes in the game from the games extracted XML files, so if anyone wants to they can update this themselves quality easily, (if you have Linux installed somewhere that is).

Update: 29/04/2022
V7: Updated the XML file to be compatible with the patch, many new meal recipes added to the autonomy for all expansion packs, I previously missed quite a few due to the inconsistent naming in the game files, but I think I've found them all now.

Update: 26/09/2020
V6: Updated the XML file to be compatible with the patch, no additional larger meals recipes have been added since V5 in any of the expansions or packs (checked them all).

Update: 12/07/2018
V5: Includes recipes from the "Jungle Adventure" expansion.
Updated XML file for the seasons patch (Additional EA stuff in there).

Update: 20/11/2017
V4: Includes additional recipe from "Cats & Dogs" (Seafood Chowder)
Also added vegetarian autonomous cooking edits.

Update: 18/05/2017
V3: Includes a new recipe from "Vampires" (Plasma Fruit Salad).

Update: 26/12/2016
V2: Includes new recipes from "City Living" and previous expansions.

Should work in any version of The Sims in theory, the extra recipes should be ignored if you don't have the relevant stuff-pack/expansion, the base file had some of the recipes from addons just not all of them for some reason.

Tested with patch (V1-3), (v4), (v5), (v6)

LargerAutonomousMealSize.zip contains..

Tools used: Sims 4 Studio, XML Extractor for The Sims 4 (Scumbumbo), 7Zip, Vim, grep.