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Wedding Arch Edits

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Uploaded: 7th Nov 2015 at 12:37 PM
Updated: 8th Nov 2015 at 6:41 AM - Added a file for the Arch from Island Paradise
UPDATE 8-11-2015: Added a file for the resort Arch from the Island Paradise EP. The same edits of the GEN Arches apply to this one too now. It is the archive "HarVee_IP_ResortWeddingArchEdit.rar". The other archive is for the three Generations EP Arches.

Hello MTS! Ever notice how those Wedding Arches can't be placed on top of platforms without the usage of the moveObjects cheat? Ever get confused trying to find them in a catalog category that would seem a logical place, only to find they're actually listed under Deco despite not actually being piece of Deco? Well this mod strives to correct these issues.

This mod edits the OBJD resources related to said Wedding Arches to achieve the following:
  • All Arches have had their prices increased. They all now cost 250 Simoleans, instead of the GEN defaults of 100, and the IP default of 160.

  • All Arches are now located in Entertainment > Parties section of the function sort, where as by EA default they were listed under Deco > Misc.

  • All Arches can now be placed on platforms without the usage of any cheats.

  • All Arches will now stay on a lot, even after a household gets evicted.

Mod Compatibility & Notes:
  1. The mod was created with patch 1.63 installed, but as long as the Generations and/or the Island Paradise EP is installed and no other mods that edit these resources are used in combination with this, then the mod should be compatible with any game configuration. This should also work with lower patch levels too because never has a patch edited these OBJD resources.

  2. The Generations heart-shaped arch, and the IP Resort Arches are rather tall in design, and due to this these two Arches will give a "ceiling is too low" message if there are floor tiles on the floor level above the platform prior to Arch placement. This issue is not a problem with this mod, it is a limitation in the game, and the only way around this without using cheats is to first place the Arch on the platform, then lay down floor tiles above it. This issue does not effect the other two smaller arches that both came with the GEN EP.

Additional Credits:
SimLogical for S3PE EA for the Generations & Island Paradise EPs.