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Mega Budget / DeLite Add-Ons

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2016 at 4:43 PM
Updated: 19th Feb 2016 at 2:02 PM
Maxis-matching recolours and two-tile versions of the “Mega (Budget DeLite)” door and the “Mega (Budget)” doors from here.

2016-02-14: Reuploaded because I had accidentially dropped the LITE resource on the floor somewhere, resulting in no light coming in through the windowed door. That is fixed now.

The zip contains five packages:

  • door_mega-budget-delite_RC ‒ Maxis “Budget Delite” door (with window) in 16 additional colours
  • door_mega-budget-delite_RC_twotile ‒ Maxis “Budget Delite” door in 16 additional colours, centered on two tiles
  • door_mega-budget-delite_twotile ‒ Maxis “Budget Delite” door in the original 4 colours, centered on two tiles
  • door_mega-budget_RC ‒ “Budget” door (no window) in 16 additional colours
  • door_mega-budget_RC_twotile ‒ “Budget” door in 16 additional colours, centered on two tiles

To use the recolours, you need to install the mega-budget-delite_RC package (the large one) since it contains all the textures; the rest is optional. The Budget doors cost 180§ and Budget Delite 250§; the recolours are in the same thumbnails with the original ones.

Polygon Counts:

Budget Door, High Poly: 268V/178F
Budget Door, Mid Poly: 200V/138F
Budget Door, Low Poly: 92V/72F
Budget Door, High/Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 62V/106F
Budget Door, Low Poly Sun Shadow: 12V/20F

The mesh of the Budget Delite door is unchanged.

Paint.net, TSRW, s4pe.