Crowborough - Full Hood

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2016 at 10:17 PM
Updated: 24th Sep 2016 at 9:14 PM

Behind the riverbend lies the beautiful, quaint town of Crowborough. Work hard and Crowborough will give you the tools you need to become a succesful businessowner. Idle away and you will be stuck in a starter home forever. Crowborough, where the choice is yours.

Crowborough is ready for your sims to move in and start their lives. Will they sell paintings, bake cupcakes or give make-overs to their neighbours? Buy one of the small businesses or get a job at one of the many shops that are located nearby. The tiny starters are perfect for sims fresh from college. Maybe if you make enough money, you will be able to buy one of the luxurious homes to move your family into. Crowborough has plenty of entertainment to offer for your days off. Take a stroll through the park, throw a strike at the bowling alley or go work on your abs in the gym.

Update - Additional lots
Since uploading Crowborough, I've built some extra lots in the same style that could easily be added to Crowborough. Go take a look!
Rooks Peak - Apartments
Stoneybrooke House - Apartments

Update - Business district added
Several of you have requested a subhood version of Crowborough. I have added Crowborough as a business district. Everything is exactly the same as the main hood version of Crowborough. If you want Crowborough as a business district download B624. To install, place the folder in the following location: C:\Program Files\EA Games\The Sims 2\Open For Business\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate. If you want the regular version of Crowborough, download N624.

Lot information
Crowborough includes a total of fifty lots: thirty residential lots and twenty community lots. Four residential lots are homebusinesses. Housing is available for both wealthy sims and those who are endowed with a little less. The more expensive lots have a pool and/or driveway. Sizes vary from one to four-bedroom houses, perfect for those just starting their families and for those whose familyplanning has gone a bit out of hand.

Lot sizes - residential
# of lotssize

Lot sizes - community
# of lotssize

Lot prices - residential
# of lotsprice-range
16> 20.000
720.000 - 35.500
435.500 - 55.000
3> 55.000

CC Required
I have kept the use of CC to a minimum, but there are a couple of pieces I simply couldn't not use.
  • OFB windows add-on part 1 and part 2 by HugeLunatic @ MTS.
  • IKEA sofa repository from this set by HugeLunatic @ MTS. You don't need the meshes linked in the comments.
  • Astro Stall Door by me.
  • Midcentury Modern Wall set by me. I have attached it to this thread.

If you wish, you can download the terrain for Crowborough seperately. The terrain has been made by me, especially for Crowborough. It contains two flat buildable areas for you to shape your own custom neighborhood with buildings you like. A camera hack is NOT required to view the two buildable areas.

A lot of people have generously offered their opinions, thoughts or have playtested Crowborough to find all those little mistakes I thought I wouldn't make. I very much appreciate all of you! You've made sticking with this project worth it. I would like to thank Jawusa, Justpetro, Peni Griffin, maxon, celebkiriedhel, Karen Lorraine, Leefish, grinEvilly, esmeiolanthe, krystinz, poisson, joandsarah, ekrubynaffit, laughdreamlove. You guys are awesome! And finally a big thank you to Mootilda. Thanks to her research it has been become possible to share neighborhoods safely in the first place.