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IKEA *Extras* - Updated for NEW CEP - 01 June 2009

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Uploaded: 6th Apr 2009 at 5:00 PM
Updated: 25th Jun 2022 at 1:21 PM
IKEA is my favorite Stuff Pack, but there are just so many items that are single items, or just missing essential pieces to the set. And what is with the Ektorp and Klippan sets not being full repository? And not even sharing the same colors?

This set contains 11 new meshes that all take there textures from an object in the IKEA SP plus a Repository file for two living sets, the Ektorp and Klippan.

Additional New Meshes - See the first posts in the Comments to download.
This first post contains the Repository fix for the sofas, and additional new meshes are contained in the comments section.

Ektorp - Sofa now repository for Chair and Loveseat
This fix makes the Ektorp Chair and Ektorp Loveseat take there textures from the Ektorp Sofa. If you recolor, you only need to recolor the Ektorp Sofa. Also, any recolors you currently have for the sofa should recolor both the chair and loveseat. This means you can remove any recolors for the chair and loveseat. Lighten the downloads a bit, or allow room for more.

Klippan - Loveseat now repository for Sofa
This also makes the Klippan Sofa take its texture from the Klippan Loveseat. If you recolor the loveseat all the colors will apply to the sofa. Any recolors you have of the loveseat should be available for the sofa. This means you can remove any recolors of the sofa. This does not recolor the heart pillow on the sofa though. (see comments section for a version with the square pillow) The heart deco pillow is not recolorable since it takes its texture from the heart pillow in the decorative section which is not recolorable. I have included UVMaps for this set along with a brightly colored map to show the placement of textures. There is one defect in one of EA's colors, the floral one called skatelovcloth. A large section in the middle was left grey so that is how it is shown on the sofa.

You can place this in your downloads folder, it does not give the * for custom content. Otherwise place in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\your latest ep\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins. And if you recolor this set and offer it on your own or any other site, please point downloaders here so that they may also have this fix. At this time this is not included in the CEP, if Numenor at some point in the future adds this, then I will post here when/if it is not needed and remove the file.

This is one file that contains the fix for both the Ektorp and Klippan set. Please see the comments section to get the rest of the new meshes.

Karlstad - Chair now slaved to Sofa
This file is separate from the Ektrorp/Klippan repository fix. This file takes the chair that came with IKEA and slaves it to the Sofa. All custom and IKEA colors will apply to the chair. You only need sofa recolors.

This set requires IKEA!