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LeBron James

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2016 at 2:17 PM
When I found out that City Life came with a basketball hoop and gameplay, I had to make some players to go with it.

My first choice is the awesome LeBron James who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mr. James was born in Akron, Ohio in 1984. He started his basketball career playing at St. Vincent - St. Mary High School in his hometown. Since then, he has won multiple NBA championships, three Final MVP Awards, as well as the NBA Rookie Award and the NBA Scoring Title. He even took Olympic Gold, not once, but twice!

Packs used: Get Together and Get to Work. (Note: These packs are not necessary for the Sim to work. Not having them will simply affect his clothes.)

CC used:

Basketball Jerseys by Youngsimbler (#23)

Headband by Weaky

Ayy Papito Beard by Luumia Sims

Realistic Lips by Rope (1st from the top, 2nd from the left)

Eyebrows #7 by Serpentrogue at TSR

http://kijiko-catfood.com/3d-lashes-version2/ By Kijiko
3D Eyelashes V2 by Kijiko (Regular mesh, 1st row from the top, 1st from the left)

Seasonal Eyeshadows by Kijiko (3rd from the top, 2nd from the left)

Contour #5 by Pralinesims at TSR (1st from the top, 1st from the left)

Blusher #2 by Tifa (Use the one in the eyeliner category (2nd from the top, 3rd from the left) together with the one in skin details (1st from the top, 2nd from the left).)

Kijiko Blusher by Kijiko (You will need to scroll down to find the blusher. 1st from the top, 1st from the left)

Eyebags #10 by Pralinesims at TSR (1st from the top, 1st from the left)

Mysterious Eyes N23 by Pralinesims at TSR (darkest brown)

For those that do not have City Life, or want simple decor hoops for your playgrounds, you can download those here:

Sporty Stuff (includes a basketball hoop) by Cinderellimouse