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NCI - Dishman (Generic Uniform #2)

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2017 at 12:44 AM
Updated: 26th Jul 2020 at 9:51 PM

Have your Sims holler for someone other than The Maid to clean up those dirty and greasy dishes!
For a fellow who made only 10 issues, NCI presents one of Canada's most obscure..."super" heroes of the comic world. If you need a hero to swoop by skyscrapers to catch a damsel in distress, a hero to fight super-powered villains at night, a hero with claws, or telepathy, or the ability to shoot webs from the wrist...well then your Sim is out of luck; this guy ain't the one they should ask for! Without further ado (hey wait, why are you clicking the Back button, I haven't finished yet!!!), introducing...DISHMAN!

Yes...the Mundane Adventures of Dishman! A Canadian comic book, debuting in 1985, was written by John MacLeod as a small series of mini-comics. Reprints of the comic's short run include the first 6 issues in September 1988 by Eclipse Comics, and a six-page colored story in Topps Comics' "Satan's Six" #3. His adventures are mundane because of his not so spectacular superpower, and the not so exciting situations he finds himself in.

Paul Mahler, a history teacher at a high school, has the superpower of cleaning dirty dishes and placing them in the cupboards they belong to (e.g. fine china in glass cabinets) with the wave of his hands. Being a comic book fan, and being exposed to years of washing radioactive dishes, Dishman dedicates his new found powers to fighting crime in the city. Unfortunately, his ability isn't as effective as he hoped in fighting big time criminals.

Some of the unexciting situations he finds himself in include not having enough money to take the bus, ordering some food from a diner, ridding a family home's dining table from dirty scraps, and moaning the next day over his work at the high school. So, enjoy clothing your Sim in Dishman's uniform...yeeeeah!

This is an adult male uniform for the comic book wannabe hero, Dishman. These are some improvements provided to you by the peculiar folks at NCI that our previous version hadn't offered before:

The uniform now has new meshes attached to the uniform, rather than textures that represent the mesh (such as 3D belt & boots).

A better quality clothing texture with finer details. Check this out yourself (2800 pixels by 1200 pixels, JPEG @ 744 KB), notice the crispness of the boots & emblem.

Unfortunately, no "Fit" or "Fat" morphs. Only one morph can be seen, and that would be the Fit morph.

There are 4 clothing combinations, each of which can be downloaded individually or as a set. They all contain their own body mesh. You must also download the Texture file for the clothing to show up. All clothing combinations share the same Texture file. Check the table of combinations below to find out which ones you would like to have. The table also shows where to find the clothing combination in question.

Clothing Combination Downloads Table

Costume & Belt & BootsCostume Without BeltCostume Without BootsCostume Only (No Belt or Boots)

ALL CLOTHING COMBINATIONSClothing Texture Image (A)Face Mask (B)Cape (C)

Model's Face
The model's head is loosely based off the comic book character seen in these two examples. The model isn't meant to be an exact replica of the character. This is a bonus download & isn't needed for the uniform download to function.
Polygon Counts:
Mesh FilenameFacesVerticesMesh FilenameFacesVertices

NCI Download Policies for this thread of (June 3, 2017) regarding:

You may use this download in your game however you wish. Enjoy it & if you feel like it, give feedback on how it works. Do not make money off of this creation.

Do not upload this creation onto other websites. Instead, please link back to this download thread from your website.

If you wish to convert or remix this creation for use in other games, please contact me by private message or e-mail for an arrangement on what you'd like to do with this creation.

This policy will supersede the above policies with condition to the following order, whichever event occurs first:
a. You may redistribute/remix this download anyway you'd like (with the condition that you credit me for the original download) after 5 years of the date listed in this policy, OR
b. You may redistribute/remix this download anyway you'd like (with the condition that you credit me for the original download) in case I become inactive after 2 years of the Last Activity date listed in my profile.
If neither conditions occur, then the above policies remain in effect.

Additional Credits:
- Synaptic Sims for their bodybuilder mesh (Marvine's BB v.2.0 Edit), where our mesh was based off.
- chUmbaLum sOft's "Milkshape 3D" for making these meshes editable.
- Quaxi's "SimPE" for being able to manipulate the Package files. NOTE: This is the latest version [QA].
- John MacLeod for his creation of Dishman (Twitter page).

Image Sources:
- Pristine Marketplace
- Tea Cup Logo & Texture by me (d_dgjdhh) using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

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