Updated! Little Monster Guards, Bear and Bot Defenders

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2016 at 3:10 AM
Updated: 28th Sep 2020 at 2:00 AM
Hi guys,

Compatible with game version: (Batuu Patch)

Sorry this one took me so long, I just haven’t had the time or energy tbh. They did still work, but only “On the grid” I just could NOT get this one to work “Off Grid” anymore and it was driving me crazy, finally I decided to just redo the whole thing with a different tuning structure. This might require “Parenthood” now, but I’m not entirely sure?

I added a few new features while I was at it though:

- These are now inventory and live drag enabled (good for sleepovers)
- Kids can name their favorite cuddly or robotic friend and tell them to watch for monsters using that name (just a little detail I guess, but it was too cute and realistic to resist)
- Also added French translations. All credit goes Caradriel (Candyman.fr), for providing me with the files! Thanks so much!!!


...I've decided to leave the "comforted by night light" buff as an added bonus! You can turn on any light in the room and pretend it's a night light ...I even put fireflies next to the bed, they make a cute "night light". Or the galaxy light show! Or spooky stuff cauldron...very comforting don't you think?

The monster under the bed can get annoying if he keeps everyone up at night, every night, but I still like playing with him sometimes. I'm not very fond of the Coolala lamp in every house though, so I decided to make some alternatives.

I think the Coolala Bear and Bosley bot are cute, so why not have them guard the room! They're just a little big, I wanted to be able to put them on shelves and things too, so I made them smaller and gave them some "guard" functions. If they don't match your décor, they are also small enough to hide under the bed.

They work when the power goes out too. I'm guessing that's when they're needed most?...but you'll have to turn them back on, twice! (Looks like they need a little more persuading after the shock of the sudden darkness)

To keep the packages as small as possible they reference the textures of the originals and come in all the colours.
Coolala Bear is half the size of the original and Bosley bot is 2/3 size.

They are found under kids/decorations, like the originals, and can also be found with the "kids stuff pack" search:

-Little Cooala Bear: §160
-Little Bosley Bot: §320

These are new objects with custom tuning, so they won't conflict with anything.

P.S. Make sure your custom beds are updated so these can work properly


Polygon Counts:
Same as the originals

Additional Credits:
Made using S4PE, Sims 4 Studio, XML extractor and TSRW
Big thanks to Argos93 for adding the Spanish strings for me and helping me figure out how to edit them!
Thanks to Robertamdv for the Portuguese translations!