God/Goddess Trait

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Uploaded 5th Jul 2018 at 2:21 AM · Updated 15th May 2022 at 4:08 PM by TheLovelyGameryt : Updating the Trait

This is my first Mod!

This Mod Will Give your Sims the God/Goddess Trait-God and Goddess sims are generally happy sims who love beauty and nature. Their hunger, bladder, and energy needs no longer need to be filled. They gain fitness and wellness skills faster. They can also no longer die or age.

Built with Game Version:


Level Up Fitness Skill
Level Up Wellness Skill
Level Up Charisma Skill

Continuous Loots

+2 Confident (timed) From "Feeling Godly" Buff from Wearing Formal
+2 Inspired (timed) From "The Beauty of Nature" Buff From Being Outside
+4 Anger (timed) From "Feel My Wrath" Buff From Declaring Enemy

Need Decay
Hunger No Longer Decays
Bladder No Longer Decays
Energy No Longer Decays
*Note: Should Now Work For Seasons*

Skill And Statistic Multipliers
Fitness Skill Gains 2x Faster
Wellness Skill Gains 2x Faster

How To Download
Download the newest version of the mod which is attached.
Unzip the file in your mods folder.
Make sure there are no subfolders.
Load the game and play!

NOTE: Mod may not work with WickedWhims or MCCommand Center.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu' Mod Constructor V3 (Early Release)

Hello All! This Mod has been fixed for the current version! If you have any issues let me know and I will do my best to fix what I can.