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Fairy Mod/Trait

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Uploaded: 31st May 2021 at 12:22 AM
Updated: 31st May 2021 at 4:19 AM
I finally got custom interactions to work. The interactions are "Talk About Fairies", "Show Off Flying Abilities" (I couldn't get the animation to work so they don't actually fly ), "Brag About Flying", "Complain About Fairy Problems", "Enthuse About Fairy Land", and "Talk About Flying Training".

I noticed the Nyx fairy mod was outdated and you can't download it anymore (From what I know), so I tried my hands at making a fairy trait. I'm not sure if there are any fairy mods/traits currently usable, but if there is I didn't see it.

Occasional Buffs (They appear every 6 hours):
-Extra Energy (Energized +12)
-Sad Humans (Sad +1)
-Human World (Dazed +1)
-Wing Shamed (Angry +1)
-Humans! (Happy +2)

Other Buffs:
-"Technology Who?" buff appears after your sim interacts with technology.
-"Homesick" buff appears if your fairy sim hasn't gone to the park or hasn't been outside for awhile.
-"It's a Fairy!" buff appears on sims around a fairy. (Also works if the sims around the fairy are fairies too, oops.)
-"I Shouldn't Have Done That..." buff appears after a fairy sim woohoos with a human sim.
-"Ashamed" buff appears after your fairy sim woohoos with a human and they're around another fairy.

Fairy sims will be treated like they have max gardening skill, even if they haven't gotten to level 1 of the gardening skill yet (example: they could revive plants if they've never touched a plant before.). It's very hard for them to learn mental skills.

Catch a fish, bait hook, fish an hour, mount fish, level up fishing skill, fertilize a plant, graft a plant, harvest a plant, revive a plant, spray a plant for bugs, talk to a plant, trim a bonsai tree, water a plant, weed a plant, buy a bonsai tree, and level up gardening. There's a lot of whims...

I couldn't get the social interactions to work, so there isn't much in this trait. If you want your fairy sim to fly, you have to download the "Walk Style Changer" mod by Onlyabidoang and select one of the ghost walk styles by clicking on your sim, walk style changer, and then the ghost one you want.