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Sewing Clutter

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Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2019 at 12:18 PM
Updated: 23rd Feb 2019 at 1:21 PM
Updated the CuttingMat to a new version in which the scissors will not disappear.

Sewing Clutter

As a quilter you need some sewing tools, like a fabric cutter and mat, thread and a pincushion.
Inspiration and patterns you can find in books and magazins and most of all from looking at luscious fabrics and having fabrics as a gift!

This is a conversion for The Sims 4 of some of the quiltshop items I've made for the Sims 2 Quiltshop and I've added a big cone of thread.

You can find it in the catalog under Decorative Clutter

Cutting Mat 3 swatches Salesprice=60

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-Cutter 2 swatches Salesprice=20

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-Needles&PinsCushion 17 swatches Salesprice=45

Quiltmagazine 5 swatches Salesprice=15

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricpresent 4 swatches Salesprice=180

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-5thread 3 swatches Salesprice=50

Large Fabric Present 7 swatches Salesprice=120

TS4-Coc-BigThreadCone2 10 swatches Salesprice=60
Sorry about the seam on the cone, I've had much trouble to find a texture that would go round and used part of the texture of TS2-WR_SpoolofThread van Retailsims

TS4-Coc-FabricGiftSmall 4 swatches Salesprice=55

Scissors 4 swatches Salesprice=25

The shelves will be uploaded later.

Polygon Counts:
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-CuttingMat Polycount=28
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-Cutter Polycount=122
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-Needles&PinsCushion Polycount= 286/232/170
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-Magazine Polycount=64
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricpresent Polycount=526/419
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-5thread Polycount= 362
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricPresentLarge Polycount=574/461/370
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-BigThreadCone2 Polycount 130
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricGiftSmall Polycount=446/360/268
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-Scissors Polycount=562/372/178

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis for the Sims games.
Made with Sims4Studio, Paint.net, Milkshape and Blender.
Fabric Textures from the Fat Strawberry