Conversion fabricbolts TS2 quiltshop

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Uploaded: 26th Feb 2019 at 6:47 PM
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Walls of fabric

I love quilting and most of all quiltingfabric!
Visiting a quiltshop is one of the things in live I love the most.
About 10 years ago I've made me a quiltshop in the Sims2, and I want one in the Sims4 too.
So I've made conversions for The Sims 4, this one is of the quiltshop fabricbolts.
You can find it in the catalog under Decorative Clutter.

All those rows and rows of luscious fabricbolts look so lovely.

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt1 16 swatches Salesprice=60
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt2 7 swatches Salesprice=120
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt3 21 swatches Salesprice=175
4 Vertical Fabricbolts 6 swatches Salesprice=240
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-BundleFabricbolts 6 bolts vertical 15 swatches Salesprice=450

All those beautifull colors, and so many choices.
My new quiltshop is starting to look very nice don't you think?

TS4-Coc-Quiltfabricbolt1 5 swatches Salesprice=60
TS4-Coc-Quiltfabricbolt2 8 swatches Salesprice=120
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt3 9 swatches Salesprice=175
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt4 8 swatches Salesprice=245

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide2 7 swatches Salesprice=125
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide3 8 swatches Salesprice=175
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide4 8 swatches Salesprice=245

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenFabricbolt1 7 swatches Salesprice=85
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenFabricbolt2 8 swatches Salesprice=60

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltGroup1 6 swatches Salesprice=165
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltGroup2 7 swatches Salesprice=375

The shelves in the pictures are my bigger display shelves Virgin2 and Virgin3, link added later.
The sewing clutter you can find here:

Polygon Counts:
2T4-Coc-Quiltfabricbolt1 Polycount=98
2T4-Coc-Quiltfabricbolt2 Polycount=194/158/124
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt3 Polycount=278/225
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-Fabricbolt4 Polycount=362/293/278

2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt1 Polycount=74
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt2 Polycount=154/126/101
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt3 Polycount=218/178/146
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-VertFabricbolt4 Polycount=266/213/170

2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide2 Polycount=194/158/142
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide3 Polycount=278/226/212
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltSide4 Polycount=362/293/275

2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenFabricbolt1 Polycount=140
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-OpenFabricbolt2 Polycount=124

2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltGroup1 Polycount=298
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-FabricboltGroup2 Polycount=370/299/243

2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-BundleFabricbolts Polycount=410/331/268

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis for the game.
Made with Sims4Studio,, Milkshape and Blender.