Fat Quarters and Baskets

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Uploaded: 1st May 2019 at 4:10 PM
Fat Quarters and Baskets

For the fabric and quilt lovers.
It needed a bit more work and time, but here are more conversions of Sims 2 Quiltshop items for The Sims 4 and some new stuff to place in my Sims4 quilt studio at home and in Coco's Quiltshop.

You can find it all in the catalog under Decorative Clutter

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-4FatQuarters 19 swatches Salesprice=45

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-12Fatquarters 9 swatches Salesprice=60

Converting the baskets with Fat8 and Fat Quarters I thought the Fat Quarters looked more like halfyards, so I renamed it to HalfYardPieces and made a new fat quarter basket. So 3 versions each with their own basket texture, the fabric textures are the same, with different colors and prints.

TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-BasketFatEights24 4 swatches Salesprice=245

Basket with 24 HalfYardPieces 7 swatches Salesprice=395

Basket with 24 Fat Quarters 10 swatches Salesprice=295

The sales table in Selvadorada from the Jungle adventures game pack, has lots of fabric stashed under it.
I released the fabric from under the table and made a basegame version from it: Lots of Cloth 2 swatches Salesprice 550

Played a bit with it and out came the 2BasketClothrolls.

2 Baskets with fabricrolls 2 swatches Salesprice=495

To make a quilt from all that lovely fabric you need batting to make a nice soft blanket.

Batting Piramide 1 swatch Salesprice=100

Because I wanted to have some more precuts to sell in my Quiltshop and to pose on the sewingtable I've made 2 sets of precut 2 1/2 inch wide strips of fabric, ready to sew into a quilttop.

2 strips sets 3 swatches Salesprice 45

Used on the photos Small Fabricpresents http://www.modthesims.info/d/624034/sewing-clutter.html
and bigger shelves http://www.modthesims.info/d/624271...xtra-slots.html

Polygon Counts:
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-4FatQuarters2 Polycount=186/152/97
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-12Fatquarters Polycount=522/421/273
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-BasketFatEights24 Polycount=554/494/381
TS4-Coc-Basket with 24 HalfYardPieces Polycount=554/504/450
2T4-Coc-Quiltshop-BasketFatQuarters24nw Polycount=410/388/384
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-LotsOfCloth Polycount 504/488/477
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-2BasketClothrolls Polycount=302/294/290
TS4-Coc-BattingPiramide Polycount=290
TS4-Coc-Quiltshop-Stripsets Polycount=26

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis for some original meshes and textures.
Simmiller for being a nice person asking for it.
Made with Simpe, Sims4Studio, PSP8, Paint.net, Milkshape and Blender.