Memory Mod

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2019 at 8:02 AM
Updated: 29th Apr 2019 at 8:36 AM
This mod fixes quite a few problems with certain memories and memory-related interactions in the Sims 2:

- Private school memories were completely messed up, because Maxis made a mistake while setting the strength of the memory. This is why private school memories have a ridiculously high initial strength that takes forever to decay. Sims in the game can talk about their private school memories forever, and further generations who hear about these memories can also talk about them. This will go on forever. This has been fixed, and now all private school memories have a proper initial strength. This fix is important for everyone, but is especially important if you are using the Memory Version of my Mood Mod, because otherwise sims who have received a private school memory will have their mood decreased by -25 forever.
- All scholarship memories that came with University and all memories that came with Nightlife have a strength of 0, and their minimum strength and decay values do not make any sense, either. No memory should ever have an initial strength of 0. Now, they have proper initial/minimum strength and decay values.
- Counted memories such as Had 10 Best Friends, Had 10 Simultaneous Loves and so on were repeatable. Now, they are unique, so your sims will only receive these memories once.
- Rejected for Woohoo memories were not repeatable, even though Rejected for Make Out is repeatable. Now, Rejected for Woohoo memories are also repeatable.
- The Passed Out memory was for some reason unique, even though Had a Bladder Accident is repeatable. Now, Passed Out is also repeatable.
- When Sim A congratulates Sim B, the game picks a memory that Sim A has heard about Sim B, and makes Sim A talk to Sim B about that memory. The problem is that the game checks to see if Sim B is the subject of the memory, rather than checking to see if Sim B is the owner of the memory. This is why Sim A can seemingly congratulate Sim B for winning a fight against Sim C despite the fact that the memory is about Sim C winning a fight against Sim B. This happens because the game checks to see if Sim A has heard any positive memories that have Sim B as the subject, finds that Sim A has heard about Sim C (memory owner) winning a fight against Sim B (memory subject), and allows Sim A to congratulate Sim B. This is a serious problem, and it has been fixed. The way sims congratulate other sims will make more sense now.

Memories that already exist in your game will not be fixed. Only new memories will be fixed.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Requirements: It may work in Base Game, but I can only guarantee that the mod will work if you have Apartment Life and M&G.
Resources: Check the image.