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SimCity Insurance mod

54,632 Downloads 448 Thanks  Thanks 140 Favourited 64,017 Views
Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2019 at 3:47 PM
Updated: 5th Aug 2019 at 2:04 PM
UPDATE: Added french language. (translated by @maiagame911 on twitter and Caradriel (Candyman.fr))

What this mod does:

This mod allows you to receive an amount of money from the Insurance Company when a family member or a friend dies.
It's different from the previous version (the sims 2). This one it's a social event with goals.

The sum of money

The amount of money its random generated, but it has 3 different outcomes depending of the goals success:

if you complete only 1 goal you will receive an amount of money random generated from 0 to 20000.

if you complete only 2 goal you will receive an amount of money random generated from 20000 to 50000.

if you complete all the 3 goals you will receive an amount of money random generated from 50000 to 100000.

3 New Socials Interactions

There are 3 new socials interactions
(they will appear if the sim has the buff "loss in the family" and a good relationship with the deceased sim):

1) Talk about the Will

2) Talk about the deceased

3) Sign some legal papers

You can find them inside the "FRIENDLY" category

New Buff:


This buff is showing up when the event is over and you have completed at least one of the goals.
it gives you an happy modlet 5+
it removes all the sad buffs so you will no longer be able to obtain another insurance.
duration: 4 hours (but if you leave the lot or close and re open the game, it will disappear)


A new Outfit Recolor For the Insurance Members (see the screenshot section)

You can find it on the CAS (its an FULLBODY outfit - search it with the "custom content filter")

How to use the mod:

1) FIRST: in order to perform the new 3 interactions you need to have the buff: "loss in the family" (it normally spawns when a family members or friends dies)

2) Create a new social event from the phone category and choose "SimCity Insurance Company" (and tick the box "goaled event")

3) select JUST the place and start the event

4) Complete the goals by performing the new interactions on the Insurance Company Members (you can find the 3 new interaction inside the "FRIENDLY" category)

5) After completing the goals you can wait till the end of the event or close it early

6) When the event is over you will receive a new buff (if you complete at least 1 of the goals) that will remove all the negative buffs so you will no longer be able to select the 3 new interactions and receive another Insurance unless another sim will die again..

How to install:

Download the "simsvine_InsuranceMod_v2.rar" file, and extract it into the mod folder
*you need to select the option "allow script mod" inside the game!

* I have ticked all the exp and packs because I don’t remember if I have added something from one of the eps!


Additional Credits:
Thanks to sims4studio and modconstructorV4