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House Insurance

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Uploaded: 13th Jun 2022 at 8:55 AM
Updated: 6th Dec 2023 at 6:13 PM
⚠️⚠️⚠️PLEASE DELETE AND REINSTALL CHANGES MADE AS FOLLOWS ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ (updated for, For Rent Patch 05/12/2023)

Buy and manage your policy with us, either a few clicks on a computer, A few taps on your phone or you can now call customer service! Whichever method you choose the task will get done.

How does it work? Same as the other version just on multi-platform and some new features!

Customer Service is only open between 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday
Web Chat Advisors are online 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday
Insurance Company App is accessible 24/7
Claims can be made via customer service and our app 24/7

Let's get a quote! You can either start your quote or cancel, never too late to change your mind

Our new system will automatically detect which neighborhood you live in inform you whether that is a Low, Medium, or High region, and give you a starting price for your area you can continue with the quote or cancel

If you decide to continue you will then be asked if you have pets

Only If you answer yes to pets you will be asked what type of cover you require content only or content and accidental cover

Our system has been updated to detect if you have any fire safety equipment installed at you properly and will have a negative or positive effect on your policy price⚠️WARNING THESES ARE CUSTOM CONTENT (More Details Later)⚠️

Once you have answered all the questions you will be given your quote price and the option to checkout or cancel

Click checkout - Payment options You can choose from seasonal 4 equal payments or one single payment or you can cancel

When you have selected your payment choice a payment of the amount shown will be taken from your household funds and your policy will be active right away with no waiting or delays! After payment has been made you will find you now have your house-insured trait.

⭐Note If you do not have enough money to pay for your insurance the option will be grey⭐

Future payments will be taken automatically from your household funds and you will be notified each time. If you do not have enough funds to make your payment when it's due your policy will be cancelled and you will not get a refund.

When your policy has just 7 days left you will be given the option to either renew your policy or let it come to an end. You can renew via customer service, computer, or app Just look out for the renewal section and follow the questions we did to buy a policy.

🆕Want to make your policy cheaper If you have fire safety equipment that will have a positive effect on your policy you can buy the custom object in build buy mode as normal They can be found under ELECTRONICS ALARMS or you can buy them from the insurance company direct via the app. 🆕
You don't have to have an active policy to buy the fire safety equipment but if you do have an active policy you will get a discount!

Buy via the app open your phone and select the house insurance app then click fire safety equipment, Select how many you want to buy, and pay! Your items will come by mail in a few days. Once your mail is delivered and you collect your items will be in your sim inventory and you can place them on the walls from there!

If you move neighbourhoods you can amend your policy our system will automatically detect which neighbourhood you have moved to and will give you a new quote based on the region.

Claims are based on policy details, Location at the time of buying, Location at the time of claim, and whether you have had any damage to your household belongings and the type of claim you are making. Each claim you make will cost you $100 whatever the outcome

⚠️Insurance pay out is based on the number of items damaged do not replace items untill you have received your claim payment or you will not get the full ammount⚠️

Once you have filled in the form you pay and submit your claim

After your claim has been submitted you will be notified that the insurance company needs pictures of your damaged items

You can take the picture by clicking on your sim and finding the " take insurance photos " interaction. When you click the interaction camera will open and you can take pictures, Once you are done taking you will see in your sim inventory you have a set of photos called" NickyClem's House Insurance Photos"

We now need to upload the photos to the secure portal on the house insurance app

You will get this notification when your upload is finished and now we just have to wait for the insurance company to get in touch with us again.

next, you will be asked to book a damage inspection. You can book an inspection via customer services, and you will be given an appointment time. Our damage inspectors only work Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm

On the day of your appointment, you will get a notification to say they have arrived and he/she will enter your home and look around and talk to you once they have gathered the information they need you will get a notification to say they are finished and will be in touch

⚠️This is the first situation I have made it's not perfect but it works and I will improve on it in further updates⚠️

Once your inspection has been completed we have to wait for the insurance company to respond with a decision on our claim

Once your claim is with the settlement team you only wait for the finance team to send your $$$$ to your household funds

⚠️Insurance pay out is based on the number of items damaged do not replace items until you have received your claim payment you will not get the full ammount⚠️
You will get a different amount for payouts on a fire claim and pet damage

Pet Claim Payout Fire Claim Pay Out
1 item $800 - $1000 1 item $1000 - $1500
2 items $1000 - $1200 2 items $1500 - $2500
3 items $1200 - $1400 3 items $3500 -$4000
The claim process is the same for Fire and pet damage

Cancel Policy You can also cancel your policy web chat app, or call customer service Monday - Friday 9 am till 5 pm once cancel you will get a refund

Refund is the average cost you paid for your region listed below

Low Refund £100 - $200 Medium Refund $200 -$400 High Refund $400 - $600

You will need
1 - The XML injector by the late Scumbumbo

2 - Insurance Company Phone Menu

3 - Insurance Company Computer Menu

If you have any issue with this mod please get in touch here no matter how big or small the issue is please report it here ➡️https://forms.gle/42oYTGMFiVjfnZoX9