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Celebratio Spell

29,402 Downloads 608 Thanks  Thanks 120 Favourited 44,500 Views
Uploaded: 23rd Oct 2019 at 7:11 PM
Updated: 7th Oct 2020 at 2:05 AM - Added translation
Designed with game version
Updated for version 1.67 / Hispanic Heritage Patch

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Recent Updates
Update 7/16/20
Added Portuguese translation from AlissonSSS199

Update 7/15/20
Added Spanish translation from plumbello

This mod adds a new "Celebratio" spell that allows Spellcasters to spawn cakes on the ground or on countertops. No more hasty baking because you forgot your Sim's birthday! Save some money by conjuring your wedding cake from the ether instead of hiring a caterer!

This spell belongs to the Practical school of magic and can be learned in all the usual ways. Spellcasters need to be at least rank 2 (Acolyte) in order to learn it.

  • Standard Success -
    A base game cake of Normal quality will appear where you cast the spell.
  • Charged Success -
    A base game cake of Outstanding quality will appear where you cast the spell.
  • Failure -
    A platter of pancakes of Spoiled quality will appear where you cast the spell.

French (thank you, Cramed Kween and Seyjin!)
Dutch (thank you, Atreya!)
German (thank you, Bonxie!)
Russian (thank you, Yukame!)
Spanish (thank you, plumbello!)
Portuguese (thank you, AlissonSSS199!)
Other translations are welcome

Standard installation. Add the package file to your mod folder or a subfolder.

This mod requires the Spellbook Injector mod by r3m and the Realm of Magic game pack.

This mod uses completely new XML tuning and should not cause any conflicts.

Additional Credits
Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making S4S
r3m for making the Spellbook Injector mod
LittleMsSam for inspiring the countertop spawn function
and the Deaderpool Discord creator community for their continued support and help throughout the whole modding process