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Space Flight - Playground

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Uploaded: 24th Nov 2019 at 6:20 PM
Hello! It's me again!
Today I represent the set "Space Flight", these are objects for the playground. I'm going to make a space-style park, and I really need this playground. These objects do not have recolors, since they will not be useful to me. BUT if you wish, you can do the recolor yourself or tell me what colors you would like to see.

In addition to objects for games, I made a decorative Cafeteria. The red color from Maxis doesn't suit me. But I could not understand how to make an independent Diner, so I decided to hide all the elements except the stove, making an invisible recolor (SpaceFlight_Foodstand_Invisble [AL]). Using an exact copy of Maxis, but with my repainting, I made a decorative overlay.

1. Put my decorative overlay in a comfortable place.
2. Place in the exact same place Cafeteria, make in invisible with my recolor (just a stove remained as it should be).
3. Delete original barstools, enter moveobjects on cheat and place some 4 kitchen islands in a needed row.
4. Place some four barstools, which will like.

Now children can play on the playground, and when they are hungry, go for a snack.

- the set includes 5 new meshes (Carousel, Slide, Swings, Tower + Cafeteria Decor)
- all objects are made in one color (except for a swing - two colors)
- included invisible repainting of the diner
- need an addon Apartment Life (AL)
- the file for easy collection - SpaceFlight_COLL.packag
- all objects have their own GUID's, and do not replace game objects.

1 Object name: "Space Flight" Carousel, Price: 200$
Buy > Hobbies > Recreation
2 Object name: "Space Flight" Slide, Price: 200$
Buy > Hobbies > Recreation
3 Object name: "Space Flight" Swings, Price: 150$
Buy > Hobbies > Recreation
4 Object name: "Space Flight" Tower, Price: 200$
Buy > Hobbies > Recreation
5 Object name: "Space Flight" Complete Diner Deco, Price: 50$
Buy > Community Lot

Polygon Counts:
Carousel - 3580
Slide - 3354
Swings - (rack 628/seat 470)
Tower - 1556
Complete Diner Deco - 5502

Additional Credits:
Adobe Photoshop CS6,
The Compressorizer