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Servo Eye Replacer

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Uploaded 8th Dec 2019 at 4:48 PM · Updated 7th Dec 2019 at 8:19 PM by Myfharad : Needed more information on what Mod does.

Servo's have a tendency to have mood changes as often as the everyday Sim, and sometimes it can be frustrating if you envelope yourself into a role-play and for some reason they become sad and change their eyes to the sad gloomy blue. If you are a player like me who wants these Servo's to actually feel more robotic and machine-like, you probably would like their eyes color and shape to be locked on one emotion set (like the default white when they are feeling "Fine").

All this Mod is intended for is to give you control over your Servo Bot's eye color by giving you the ability to replace their constantly changing eye color with a static color

- Choose the Package you want your Servo's eye color to be (White,Red,Purple,Blue) and place the Package into your Mods folder
- Do NOT place more than one Package into your Mods Folder.
I have tried it to see what outcome it would produce, but all that happens is that it Sims4 reads the first Package's name in Alphabetical and activates it


- This Mod includes 4 different packages correlating to the eye color you want your Servo Bot to have instead of the ever-changing eye color that is based on your Servo's mood.
e.g If you want your Servo to always have White default (Fine Emotion) eyes, then just place the White version of the Mod in your Mod Folder.

- This is purely a Cosmetic Mod

- This Mod does NOT override/change/influence any emotion. All Servo Bots will act the exact same with the same emotions they or any Sim would normally have.

- This Mod tunes all of the Buff_Humanoid_Robot_MoodVFX Instances that are associated with the Servo's emotions.

- This Mod does NOT conflict with any know mods.

Additional Credits:
- S4S
- Scarlet Mods

Type: Other

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