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Name the Father

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Uploaded: 12th Jan 2020 at 1:54 PM
Updated: 28th Jan 2024 at 2:39 AM
  • Fixed an error with the non-Triplets and Quads version of the hack
  • Updated social plugins for compatibility with surrogate hack

Have you ever thought it was weird that when your female sims cheat on their partners and get pregnant, their partner always knows that the child isn't theirs? Have you ever wanted your sims to be able to adopt their spouses' alien children? Do you get annoyed that all aliens are somehow considered related? Would you like your lesbians to be able to adopt their partners' babies by sperm doners? Or do your sims maybe have multiple spouses and you just want the biological parent to not necessarily be the "real" parent? Would you like to have two sims who are merely best friends live together and raise kids together even if the kids are not biologically related to both of them? Sure, you can change the family ties with the Sim Blender after the fact, but wouldn't you like to get to choose which sim gets the memory of having the baby and the Have a Baby want fulfilled? With this hack you can do all of those things!

This adds a self interaction to pregnant sims who are showing, which allows you to choose a father for the bab(ies). This will not affect the genetics of the babies, but only which sim they consider their father. You will get a choice from the following sims:
  • Sims who are in a committed relationship with the pregnant sim. This includes marriage, engagement, or going steady. Any sim with these flags will be included, no matter how many of them there are.
  • Sims the pregnant sim is in love with (but not necessarily vice versa).
  • Sims the pregnant sim has a memory of woohooing (in private or in public).
  • Sims of the proper age who live with the pregnant sim but are not related to them. ("The proper age" depends on which version of the social plugin you install.)

You can also select "No Character" for a baby with no father (similar to a plantbaby), or "Biological Father" to revert your setting back to the default.

When the sim gives birth, the father (or lack of father) you chose will be the child's second parent, but they will have the genetics of the biological father.

  • When using Name the Father with a premade sim who has premade woohoo memories (especially one who is a bin sim or a resident of a neighborhood you attached as a shopping district or a downtown), you may find that an inappropriate sim is in the list. This is caused by the neighbor ID on the pregenerated woohoo memory being incorrect, for I believe the same reason that Samantha Ottomas' pregnancy was broken. Running HoodChecker on the neighborhood should fix this problem.
  • Like the college tuition mod, this mod uses a token to keep track of your settings. This means two things: 1) if your load the neighborhood without the social plugin part of this hack installed, all of your settings will get deleted, and 2) in the opposite case, if you add settings for a pregnant sim and then end the pregnancy artificially using a hack, the settings you set will persist into the next pregnancy. If the pregnancy ends with a birth, the token should be cleaned up properly and will not persist.

Installing the hack:
You need two packages - the social plugin that make the self interaction available, and the actual hack that makes your settings work. namethefathersocialplugin will only show you sims who are young adults, adults, or elders in the list of potential fathers, where as namethefathersocialplugin-teens will also show you teens. For the hack, you should get namethefatherhack if you are NOT using TwoJeffs' triplets and quads mod, and namethefatherhack+tnq if you ARE (and make sure this hack loads last).

Game compatibility:
This hack should be compatible with all game versions.

Hack compatibility:
Aside from triplets and quads, which is accounted for, this hack might conflict with hacks that affect what happens during a birth. In particular, it might conflict with hacks that change who gets how much extra vacation time when a sim is born. I don't expect that will conflict with teen pregnancy hacks, and it doesn't conflict with Lamare's young adult pregnancy hack.

If you have hacks that show you unborn babies' fathers, they will always show the biological father. If you use Monique's child support hack, pregnant sims will get child support from the biological father, but children will get child support from the sim you chose with this hack. There's not much I can do about that without writing my own version of the child support hack (which I actually intend to do, but it's not a small undertaking).