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Gender Transition Potions

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Uploaded: 28th Oct 2018 at 4:36 AM
Updated: 31st Mar 2022 at 12:01 AM
  • Additional versions of potions costing 5000 simoleons which can be placed on OFB shelves and marked for sale, for those of you who enjoy the US healthcare system. Do not install both the 1-simoleon version and the 5000-simoleon version of any of the potions.
  • Added Polish translations
  • Removed dependencies on Apartment Life and Bon Voyage
  • Fixed a problem with estrogen potions
  • Add Russian translations and shiny new memory icons (thanks 3ttu!)

These potions are designed to assist with storytelling aspects of transitioning transgender sims.


The three potions are available from Misc/Misc for $1. The blue one is a testosterone potion for trans male sims, the pink one is an estrogen potion for trans female sims, and the yellow/green one is a debinarization potion for nonbinary sims:

They can be used by placing them on the ground and clicking on them. They cannot be used when placed on counters or tables.

The potions cannot fully transition your sims' bodies, so there is an initial step that needs to be completed in SimPE first. If you wish to transition the sim's body, for best results/picture-taking opportunities you should direct your sim to use the potion, save and possibly take a picture when they bend down to pick up the bottle, and then exit the game complete the instructions in this guide written by MTS user LyleSnake (also included for download as a PDF). When you reload the lot, the sim will have the body, hair, and clothing of their preferred gender. (The game does give them more or less completely random clothes, so you may have to send them shopping after the transition.)

Completing the action of using the potion will then open the change appearance UI (even if you like how their appearance came out, you should change something so that the game updates their face properly, and removes any weird gaps or inappropriate facial hair), change their in-game gender to the appropriate one (if you are transitioning a nonbinary sim, you will be prompted about which gender you want the game to consider the sim - unfortunately you do have to choose one or the other), and will spawn dialogs to allow you to change their name, and possibly their sexual orientation if desired. The sim will then get a custom happy memory of their transition.

After this, it should be just as if the sim was born with their preferred gender, as far as the game is concerned.

Game Compatibility

There is a nonzero chance that these require Nightlife, since they were cloned from the Renuyu potion, but both the game and SimPE claim that they are basegame compatible and require no EPs.

Hack Compatibility

These are stand-alone objects and do not modify any existing resources, so they should not conflict with anything.

Uninstallation Instructions

You can remove the packages with the potions in them at any time, but if you want to remove the packages with the memories, you should delete all of the memories generated by these potions in SimPE, and then clear all gossip with the lot debugger first.

Additional Credits:
LyleSnake, for testing, pictures, memory texts, writing the transition instructions after I gave him much less helpful instructions on how to do it, and the original idea in the first place.

Rosawyn, for proofreading the transition instructions.