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Found Family

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 14th Nov 2018 at 12:55 AM
Updated: 4th Feb 2024 at 5:22 PM
  • Stopped the interaction from appearing as a self-interaction. Whoops.
  • Added version compatible with extendedfamilypartial.
  • Now with Polish localization. Thanks, teapot-sims!

Do you have sims who are raised by more than two parents, but annoyingly the game does not consider the non-biological parents to be family? Or "siblings" who were raised together but don't technically share parents, so the game doesn't mark them as family? Or just sims who are really close and ought to be able to use Family Kiss?

If you have ACR, it partially gives you the ability to fix this, through the Add to the Friend Zone functionality, but the Friend Zone can't be applied to anyone younger than teen, doesn't give sims family interactions with each other (like Family Kiss), and doesn't affect Maxis romantic socials. This new interaction, which shows up as "Treat as Family" or "Remove from Family" depending on family status, will allow you to make the game treat any two sims as if they were family for the purposes of romantic and family socials, even if they're not otherwise related. It doesn't change family ties in any way (such as marking the selected sim as a sibling or a cousin), and isn't commutative (so, adding Sim A to your family does not also add Sim A's sister, or other sims that Sim A has marked as family, to your family). It can be used on sims of any age, including babies.

You can't use the "Remove from Family" interaction to disown sims who are considered family by blood or marriage. You can only use it to remove sims who have been added through this hack. If you add a sim through this hack, and then become family with them by blood or marriage (because someone got married, or you changed their family ties with another hack) using "Remove from Family" won't have any immediate effect until the blood/marriage family tie is removed. If you're using my extended family hack, extended family is considered family by blood and can't be removed.

Downloading this hack

There are two parts to this hack: a social plugin that makes the interactions available, and the actual global hack that causes the sims to be treated as family. You need one (and only one) version of both.

Game Compatibility

This should be compatible with all game configurations, but if you have Pets you need the Pets version of the social plugin (foundfamilysocialplugin-Pets) instead of foundfamilysocialplugin. This mainly just prevents pets from being able to add sims to their family when you use the controlpets cheat.

Hack Compatibility

This necessarily conflicts with my extended family hacks. If you have one of those hacks, you need to use the foundfamilyglobal+extendedfamily global hack or foundfamily+extendedfamilypartial instead of foundfamilyglobal, and make sure the extended family hack loads first (if you put both hacks into the same folder and don't modify their names, they should load in the correct order). The BHAVs modified in the global hack are pictured above, it will conflict with anything that modifies these BHAVs. Mostly they are the same ones modified by the extended family hack, so in general it will probably conflict with other hacks that conflict with extended family - however, it should NOT conflict with InTeen, or other hacks that adds custom globals (unless they modified the globals listed above). The social plugin should not conflict with anything.

This might stealth-conflict (undetected by HCDU) with some hacks that add new relationship statuses, such as ACR's Friend Zone (it does not conflict with ACR's Friend Zone). If you know of a hack like that and tell me where to find it I can determine if it will conflict.

Additional Note

This hack is Super-Duper-Hug-free.