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No Venue Requirements

12,184 Downloads 292 Thanks  Thanks 73 Favourited 29,562 Views
Uploaded: 2nd Sep 2020 at 9:10 AM
Updated: 21st Mar 2023 at 2:53 AM - Updated (Patch 1.96.365.1030)
2023 March 20th - Updated the AllCombined and Separate Packs for patch 1.96 changes, and added the Rec Center (Growing Together), Wedding Venue (Base Game), and Thriftstore/ThrifTea (High School Years).
2022 August 7th - Updated the AllCombined and Separate Packs for patch 1.90 changes. I haven't added any High School Years files yet as I'd like to test them first to make sure the game doesn't freak out.
2021 September 9th - Updated the AllCombined and the GP02_SpaDay_RelaxationCenter files for patch
2021 July 24th - Updated for patch changes.
2021 March 1st - Updated for the previous patch's changes to the SimData.

This is an update of plasticboxs mod, which removes the required objects from venues so you no longer have to add chess tables, etc. to your builds. However, I didn't do any of the own-able businesses as they won't really function as jobs without the required objects, and I didn't touch the penthouse or university commons. I did do the Community Lot and it's subvenues from EL so people can alter the venue without having to place a board or anything else, but if you want EL voting features on the lot don't forget to add a board (you can still vote from your mailbox, etc. if not). When downloading you have two choices: All Combined or Separate Packs. All Combined is a single .package for people who own Get Together, City Living, Eco Lifestyle, Spa Day and Snowy Escape, while Separate Packs is if you want to pick and choose or are missing some packs.

The full list of venues edited are: gym, library, lounge, museum, bar, club, park, arts center, beach, forest park, relaxation center, cafe, pool, karaoke, community lot, sub-venue market, sub-venue garden, sub-venue makerspace, onsen, rec center, wedding venue, and thriftstore (ThrifTea).

Edited Files & Installing
Please only download one .zip. To install, unzip the file and place the .package(s) into your mods folder. Remember to always clear your localthumbcache when adding new mods or CC to ensure the mods/CC work properly.

This mod overrides the following XML and SimData. It will conflict with any other mod that overrides/alters the same files.

Created with patch (July 23rd, 2020).

Original idea & mod by plasticbox (No Venue Requirements by plasticbox: https://modthesims.info/d/543444/no...quirements.html)