Bow At Shrine Re-Enabled

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Uploaded: 18th Nov 2020 at 2:40 PM
Updated: 8th Dec 2020 at 3:40 AM - Compatible (Patch
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2020 December 7th - Compatible with patch
2020 November 25th - Updated to add buyable shrines & override version.

I understand why EA had to remove this interaction but I know many also wanted this for their gameplay like I did, so here's this interaction re-enabled for your sims, just click on the shrine and select "Bow". You will need XML Injector for it to appear on the shrine since I did not want to override the object tuning to add this back.

I also made an optional add-on included in the same download that re-enables bowing randomly when sims are hiking. I had taken a look at the files for any other bowing interaction references and noticed this was removed as well. This add-on requires the main bowing interaction .package to work.

Please only choose the Override version or the XML Injector version when downloading. The XML Injector version does not override the object_HikingPOI_CaveShrine and object_HikingPOI_Shrine tuning and instead uses the script to inject the interactions.

Edited Files & Installing
To install, unzip the file and place the .package(s) into your mods folder. Remember to always clear your localthumbcache when adding new mods or CC to ensure the mods/CC work properly.

The main XML Injector version .package does not override anything and should not conflict. But the Override version, and the add-on, overrides the following XML and will conflict with any other mod that overrides/alters the same files.
Also overrides the object definition of the buyable shrines for both versions.

Created with patch (November 11th, 2020).