MiniVan Modular Sofa!

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2020 at 2:47 PM
Hey all!

Here is a little gift as for reaching 100 followers on Tumblr (hooray!)

The sofa that came with "Discover University" just SCREAMED modular to me. So I knew I had to create one eventually. So here we are!

This is a completely functional modular sofa (similar to my other one) it can be assembled just like kitchen counters!
~Make sure to turn off auto-counters to get access to all the pieces ~


  • Comes in 15 recolors! (original couch recolors + some additional custom ones)
  • I've also included a premade loveseat to unlock additional interactions (such as napping, cuddling etc.)
  • The original tuning file that I heavily edited was made by the talented Menaceman44! that was kind enough to let me use it as a base!

The Sofa can be found under Comfort -> Miscellaneous for 188$
The Loveseat can be found under Comfort -> Miscellaneous for 376$
You can also find it by searching: simsi45 or modular sofa

* If you direct a Sim to sit in the concave seating section by clicking on the back of the seat, the Sim may attempt to sit in a slot that doesn't exist and will clip through the seat. I've never had a Sim choose to sit in the wrong slot on their own though.
*Sims are unable to sit in the concave corner piece if a Sim is already occupying a seat connected to the front of the concave piece object footprint.
*Pets are unable to sit on the seats and should not be able to scratch or travel under them. They are still able to "Investigate".

Polygon Counts:
[1]LOD0 - 283
[2]LOD0 - 283
[3]LOD0 - 283
[4]LOD0 - 393
[5]LOD0 - 425
[6]LOD0 - 288
[7]LOD0 - 288


Additional Credits:
Menacemen44 (for the original tuning file)