Sectional Living

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Uploaded: 20th May 2015 at 4:32 PM
Updated: 16th Feb 2018 at 7:17 PM
I really wanted to have the ability to use sectional chairs for my Sims 4 and since there are no sectional chairs so far, I decided to make a convert of two different ones.

The Modular Pub Sofa From Sims 3

Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa from Sims 2

Both set have all the sectional pieces included

Since its not possible yet to create a sectional chair or sofa for the game, each one serves as a living chair and can all be joined to create a sectional living environment. Since they all act as a living chair, once placed separately, Sims can sit on them. Once they are joined in a modular form, Sims can sit in all except for the Concave corners since the foot prints will be blocked by the other attached modular piece.

The Modular Pub Sofa has 11 color options while the Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa has 19 color options. For the Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa I also made use of textures from Here

The Modular Pub Sofa costs 700 Simleons while the Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa costs 600 Simleons. Both are found under sort by Room-living Room- Living chair.

Polygon Counts:
The Modular Pub Sofa From Sims 3

Sectional Seat Pub-High-1316/Medium-921/Low-644
Sectional Seat Pub Middle-High-1340/Medium-938/Low-657
Sectional Seat Pub Left-High-1408/Medium-991/Low-699
Sectional Seat Pub Right-High-1392/Medium-975/Low-683
Sectional Seat Pub Concave-High-1322/Medium-926/Low-648
Sectional Seat Pub Convex-High-936/Medium-655/Low-459

The Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa
Plumper Thumper Sofa-High-1024/Medium-717/Low-502
Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa Connector-High-1278/Medium-894/Low-6536
Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa Left-High-1227/Medium-859/Low-600
Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa Right-High-1227/Medium-858/Low-515
Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa Concave-High-1072/Medium-750/Low-525
Plumper Thumper Sectional Sofa Convex-High-1289/Medium-902/Low-632

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Additional Credits:
Ea, SimPe,Milkshape,Blender,TSRW,Sims4Studio,Photoshop,, Sharon for using her textures