113 Wright Way - TOTAL REVAMP

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2020 at 2:17 AM
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If you are wanting a fabulous wedding at the newly improved Wright Manor then look no further! Perfect landscaping for a garden ceremony and a big hall for an outstanding reception, you really couldn't pick a more convenient picturesque location. With plenty of options for stunning photos and accomodation to suit guests, and including a restaurant for them to stumble down to the next day, Wright Way Manor Hotel has got you covered to help you create your dream wedding with a stress free holiday thrown in! Book today and let the staff of Wright Way Manor cater to your bridezillas needs!

This lot really was crying out for a total revamp. It made no rhyme or reason, it had open arches, stairs plonked in the middle of corridors, a very weird layout, a cold stone interior and just total ugliness all around!
It may not look it, but I didn't actually add a lot of walls to the original at all. I enclosed the open areas out the back, and enclosed the right area on the second floor so that tower didn't look out of place, and so that it could match the left side. The biggest change to make it look totally different is the roof, which of course adds another floor, so there are more walls there. Once I got that roof on it, it started screaming French Ch?teau at me, so I decided to run with that and get rid of the pond in favour of a structered pool with fountains and an elegantly curved bridge. Once I made the courtyard area I thought what a perfect place to have a wedding, so it became a wedding venue. But then I had the trouble of figuring out what to do on the second and third floors so it's final stage was to become a hotel/wedding venue.

Please read ALL the following BEFORE downloading!

A few notes

1. This lot has been trialled, but you get a clean lot as the trial happened after packaging.

2. If you are keeping the hotel in Pleasantview, or any other hood (not vacation) then you only have to phone for a taxi to go there, you don't need to phone for a vacation.

3. I do not know if this will fulfil vacation wants, but I doubt it.

4. There are five community phones in the hotel, four on the second floor, two each beside the lifts in the two corridors, and one on the third floor, beside the lift in the corridor.

5. There are sprinklers in every room, especially beside fireplaces!!

6. There are phones in every room to call room service

7. The wedding arch inside is for deco, I wouldn't attemp to use that one to get married, use the one outside.

8. The gate to the ceremony area does not open, but sims will walk through it.

9. There are public toilets situated in the lounge to the left of the check in.

10. If you have an old pc (like mine) you will get ALOT of lag. This is a massive build with a lot going on in it, expect the lag!!

11. The back part on the third floor is completely empty, The layout was too thin to fit anything in it, the layout at the front just managed it, pop your plebs up there to stay!

12. The cost of this as a business is not cheap - $595,874

13. If you want to make it as residential in the cheat box type changelotzoning residential if you want to make it into apartments type changelotzoning apartmentbase (and swap the hotel doors for apartment doors!)l

Hotel ammenities

Check in
Bar and Lounge
Public Toilets
Wedding Reception
Swimming Pool
6 Rooms
Great places for storytellers to get pics!

CC Shown but not included but REQUIRED

Invisible recolour of the hotel desk by Sunni
Roof trim fence by Cyclone sue

And I think that is all. Hope to see some amazing wedding pics from this!!

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price (furnished): 595,874

Custom Content Included:

- Stone floor by Kittyispretty69
- Additional Roof Piece by julsfels
- Highsmith Fence by leesester
- Garden Lamp by MistyFluff
- Maxis "Lost & Found" Floral centrepiece by Numenor
- Pool Edges by Rosebine
- Lafenêtre Window set by tbudgett
- Extendable Lafenêtre Bay Window by tbudgett
- Lounger (outdoor 1) by Suza
- Fontainebleau murals by Tatiana Dokuchic
- Waterfall by alex_stanton1983
- Pond Swans by Yuila
- Dragon Valley Wisteria by Veranka

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Charmful and all the lovely simmers on the Sims 2 FB page, for all your input, some great ideas!