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CAS Filter Remover AHK Script

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Uploaded: 19th Nov 2020 at 5:02 PM
Updated: 5th Jan 2021 at 11:18 PM
By default the script will remove CAS outfit category filters (like Formal, Hot Weather, etc.) and apply the Custom Content filter.
This is for people that, like me, are annoyed by having to constantly do that, when jumping between categories etc.
Does not require Seasons, but supports the Weather filters.

The script comes in 2 versions:
- Manual: Does this when the Middle Mouse button (configurable) is pressed (not held). Recommended.
- Automatic: F9 starts/pauses the script. Will do this automatically once started.

Both version can be configured to only Remove Filters, or only add the CC filter as well, by right clicking and editing the .ahk file.

Installation and use:
1. The scripts are made for a 1920x1080 resolution. Feel free to modify them for any other resolutions, I can't do that myself (as it requires images and coordinates).
2. The scripts require AHK (AutoHotKey) to run - download and install that first.
3. You'll need weebersu's More Columns in CAS mod (4 or 5 columns), because who doesn't have it? Otherwise you'll need to change some MouseMove coordinates.
4. Open your Sims 4 Options.ini (same place as your Mods folder), find and change uiscale to 94. So it's uiscale = 94

5. Unzip the CAS_Defilter_AHK.zip to a folder anywhere you want, then Run the chosen .ahk script (after optional configuration) as Admin. That's it.

- The script has to be ran as admin to be able to interact with Sims 4 (which is also ran as admin).
- Because it's pretty lightweight, it might not work properly on half-zoom (because CAS background darkens) or with custom CAS backgrounds. Works fine for me on min/max zoom with default EA background.
- Haven't tested it in Fullscreen, try Borderless if something doesn't work, or start the script (as admin) after the game is open (instead of before).
- If your game is much slower than mine (lagging), you might want to increase some of the Sleep timings (like Sleep 100 to Sleep 200), the defaults should be fine with tiny amounts of lag (or none).
- Keep in mind that a middle click outside the menu will close it - so only do it on top of the appearance menu to run the script.'
- If nothing happens despite your setup being correct, this might help on some systems: Try changing the 2 lines near the top (that end with 'Screen') to end with 'Window' instead of 'Screen'.

V1.1 adds 4 column support (files starting with 4). Also removed a limitation from the Manual version intended only for Automatic. Feel free to delete any .ahk you don't need.