Dynasty Armoire add-ons

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2020 at 12:10 PM
Updated: 6th Mar 2021 at 6:29 PM

here's another set of add-ons
All these pull textures from base game Dynasty Armoire -
I've included nine distressed recolors for this dresser.
(metal handle recolors require CEP).

Buy mode/Surfaces/Endtables:

Tiny Endtable: 328 S
Antique Cabinet: 740 S
Large Sideboard: 750 S

Buy mode/Seating/Dining Chairs:
Dining Stool: 335 S
Cushion is recolorable.

Buy mode/General/Dressers:
Small Dresser: 590 S
2-tile dresser with an animated drawer (yay!), requires IKEA SP.
The placement slot is weird on this one, but I've made it height compatible with kitchen counter OMSPs,
so I didn't bother to clone it again.

Buy mode/Plumbing/Sinks:
Wash Basin: 810 S
Height compatible with dining table OMSPs.


If you liked that black handle on Tiny Endtable in the main picture:
it's an armoire handle recolor by Michelle
(included with ALDarkwood file)
Lanterns in the screenshots: my Lantern Pack

GUIDs used:
0xCDA239D1, 0xD49B9BD9, 0xDB6D1004, 0xDCD3F923, 0xD771F118, 0xD3B0ECAF, 0xDA32D7C1, 0xF0DC7525

Polygon Counts:
Tiny Endtable: 494 poly,
Stool: 496 poly,
Dresser (chest & drawer): 1105 poly,
Cabinet: 1108 poly,
Sideboard: 1917 poly,
WashBasin: 1962 poly.

Additional Credits:
SimPE, CEP creators, Blender, Compressorizer