Tansu Dresser Add-Ons

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Uploaded: 9th Aug 2020 at 9:29 AM
Updated: 20th Mar 2021 at 9:04 PM

here are a few add-ons for Touch of Teak Tansu Dresser, plus five recolors.
All base game compatible.

Buy mode/ Surfaces/ Coffee tables:

Round Coffee Table - 720 S

Small Round Tea Table - 719 S

- this tiny table can be used as an overlay of Tea Time Table from Bon Voyage EP, all you need is
Invisible recolor of Tea Time Table (attached as a separate file)
..and a rug to cover square shadow

Buy mode/ Surfaces/ Endtables:

Small Endtable - 329 S

Sideboard - 331 S

Step Chest - 620 S

Buy mode/ Decorative / Wall

Lady on Red - Leaning frame - 180 S - Frame is slaved to Tansu dresser,
picture textures are pulled from base game painting.

As a little bonus I've included
recolor of Lady on Red painting: Enso - Zen Circle.



Step Chest, Sideboard and Coffee Table were cloned from Bayon Coffee table
by Moune999.

CC in the screenshots:

Kokeshi dolls by @Keysims https://nekojima-neighborhood.tumblr.com/tagged/ts2cc

ATS Vinyl player & radio by Sandy http://aroundthesims2.com

Vintage Vinyl Records by Clairsy97

Old timber wall by Pixelhate @MTS2

Hair 4t2 SP05 DreadHalfUp

Potted lotus flower

Small wooden lantern

Straw rug by me, to be uploaded

GUIDs used:
0xD726149E, 0xEA97BE44, 0xAB665E3C, 0xDF01F7E5, 0xF2D80620, 0xD52844D7
Remember to check if all new objects show up in your game.

Polygon Counts:
Leaning Frame: 70 poly
Sideboard: 687 poly
Small Endtable: 892 poly
Coffee Table & Small Tea Table: 926 poly
Step Chest: 2018 poly

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Compressorizer, Blender