Blooming Oasis

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Uploaded: 12th Jan 2021 at 11:28 PM
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Blooming Oasis is a paradise in the heart of the desert. A luxury yet ecological mansion, built according to avant-garde design lines. Regardless of the materials used (in any case natural and aimed at saving), this house shows modern and classy lines and is well suited to the landscape where it stands. The building has been completely renovated recently and has a high standard of furniture. The property has three bedrooms, two very large plus a third smaller than the other two but with a lot of attached service, for visiting guests or service staff, 6 bathrooms, a spacious modern kitchen with new appliances, a large living room with wild and irresistible charm, a well-stocked study, with access to a secret laboratory, where you can work in complete tranquility, and a games room that provides many leisure activities to entertain guests. Of the three terraces available, the lowest and largest one is more suitable for hosting parties, while the higher one, but also the smaller one, is the highest in the neighborhood and you can enjoy a beautiful landscape but also a clear starry sky (and maybe even have some contact with creatures from another world!) while the second is empty And merely serves only as a passage to access the third one. Outside there is a large garage where a brand new red convertible makes a good impression, a very well-kept garden complete with a swimming pool to take a few refreshing swims in the warmer months and a barbecue area to spend fun evenings in the company of the neighbors. There is also a greenhouse with large windows where you can grow your favorite seedlings and immerse yourself in nature bathed in the sun in absolute tranquility.

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price (furnished): 348836