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New UI Poses (3 Flavours)

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Uploaded: 13th Feb 2021 at 5:07 PM
Updated: 11th Jan 2022 at 1:35 PM
I've had this idea to replace the UI poses for over a year now, I just never got round to doing it. But finally, finally I've actually finished it! So basically what this does is replaces the Sim poses in the UI (when they're happy, sad, angry etc.) with either retouched ones, exaggerated ones or plain static ones (aka expressionless), your choice!

Mod Info

- This mod was built and tested with game version 1.69, but should work with other versions.
- What type of mod is this? - This is an animation override mod that replaces the UI poses (toddler - elder).

IMPORTANT! When you use this mod for the first time, the poses won't load in straight away (unless you start a new family) so you'll continue to see the default UI poses. Having your Sim change into a different outfit, resetting them or switching households can make the poses load in quicker or right away. However, sometimes it won't always work (although it's rare) and you just have to wait until the new poses load in for whichever Sim.

Remember to put ONLY ONE file into your OVERRIDES folder, and if you want to take the mod out or use a different version, sometimes you can still continue seeing the poses from this mod in your game, you just have to either wait for the default ones to load in again or do the things I mentioned above.

Versions / Flavours

Retouched - This changes the default UI poses with slightly different facial expressions and adds movement within the neck and shoulders.
Exaggerated - This version makes the poses a lot more expressive, making it so the Sims use their arms and turn their body more.
Static - In this version your Sims will always have an expressionless face, regardless of their mood.


This mod will conflict with any other mod that replaces the following animation files:

- a_portraitPose_sad_x 0x00000000 0x6B0AD60184013F6F
- a_portraitPose_neutral_x 0x00000000 0x24F35A06AA23EFEA
- a_portraitPose_uncomfortable_x 0x00000000 0x722F4B0F0B56AF50
- a_portraitPose_happy_x 0x00000000 0x2091BBE826E3BBED
- a_portraitPose_angry_x 0x00000000 0x5343ACA253E53D7C
- a_portraitPose_stressed_x 0x00000000 0x04DDC4BFAE6FDB34
- c_portraitPose_neutral_x 0x00000000 0xA7F35A06AA23EFEA
- c_portraitPose_happy_x 0x00000000 0xA391BBE826E3BBED
- c_portraitPose_angry_x 0x00000000 0xD043ACA253E53D7C
- c_portraitPose_sad_x 0x00000000 0xE80AD60184013F6F
- c_portraitPose_uncomfortable_x 0x00000000 0xF12F4B0F0B56AF50
- c_portraitPose_stressed_x 0x00000000 0x87DDC4BFAE6FDB34
- p_portraitPose_happy_x 0x00000000 0xA291BBE826E3BBED
- p_portraitPose_angry_x 0x00000000 0xD143ACA253E53D7C
- p_portraitPose_sad_x 0x00000000 0xE90AD60184013F6F
- p_portraitPose_uncomfortable_x 0x00000000 0xF02F4B0F0B56AF50
- p_portraitPose_stressed_x 0x00000000 0x86DDC4BFAE6FDB34
- p_portraitPose_neutral_x 0x00000000 0xA6F35A06AA23EFEA


-Please do not re-upload my mod to paysites or claim it as your own!
-Enjoy and Happy Simming!

Additional Credits:
- S3PE - Blender 3D