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Less Bubble Blower Coughing

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Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2021 at 1:33 AM
Updated: 24th Feb 2021 at 11:09 AM by misophorism
Please note that this requires City Living!

A small tuning mod that dramatically reduces the chances of failure when using the Bubble Blower. Sims who are new will still cough while using it, but they grow accustomed to it quicker.

Here's how it works: the Bubble Blower calculates the chances of success or failure based on your Sim's familiarity with the object, which goes up every time they use it. The game keeps track of this and gives your Sim a "score" of sorts. For example, your Sim's familiarity with it could be 62.

There is a kind of floor and ceiling to failure, meaning that anything less than a certain number -- like 50 -- always results in failure, and anything more -- like 75 -- almost always results in success. Between that is a gray area where a Sim can either succeed or fail at using it. Using that same score of 62, it'd be a toss-up on whether or not your Sim succeeds.

This mod reduces the floor to 7 for each cartridge and lowers the ceiling to 20. This makes it so that once your Sim is acquainted with it, your Sim will almost always succeed in using the Bubble Blower, regardless of what cartridge you've selected. I say "almost" because Sims can still fail after they exit that range, but it's about 80/20 for success/failure. Regardless, you'll know when you're nearing that spot when you click on it and the text turns from "Try/Use" to "Unwind."

Be aware that each cartridge has a "multiplier" to it, meaning that the game has been coded to make some cartridges harder than others. If you don't notice much of an effect from the default version, try the multiplier version which changes each multiplier to 1. You cannot use both!

The mod modifies E882D22F!00000018!0000000000020A27.BubbleBlower_Use_mixer.InteractionTuning.xml and anything else that does so will conflict with it!