***TESTERS WANTED*** ~The GothGurlz~

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Uploaded: 26th May 2005 at 8:34 AM
Hi All Yu Goth Simmerz!
1bikairi and angelamys have thrown together a few lusty GothGalz to liven up your neighbourhoods!
Immense thanx goes to Kairi for her gorgeous, sexy skins that are guaranteed to make every Simmie look twice - ***WooHoo!!!*** Yu Rok Gurl!
I for one have missed Kairi's naughty playfullness around here lately, so I hope you'll all be sending her lots of pm's and messages of thanx for her fab outfits, and maybe we can coax her back to us herex

Thanks also go to everyone at MTS2, all you wonderful modders and creators, without which all of the awesome new meshes we have now to make our game even fun-er(?- new word?) would not be possible. Thank you all ~ big *hugz*
And BIG Hugz n thanx to bagracer and Shadowborne for all the help with the testing ... xXx

Ok, the nitty-gritty!
Download, and UNZIP the file relevent to what you want - either YA or not, the YA version will show for both Adults and YA's.
You will need the Meshes zip file for either version - it contains the meshes d'oh!
Put the Mesh files and the Package files in your:
C:/My Documents/EA GAMES/The Sims 2/Downloads folder
and they should show up in the game and Bodyshop.
Do not alter any of the filenames otherwise they won't work!
***Make sure in your games graphics options, the Sim/Object Detail is set to *HIGH*, otherwise you might get problems with the Meshes***

It has been noted that for some unknown reason occassinally (maybe 1 in 100 times) these new meshes don't show on certain systems ... why? dunno - if they don't try Downloading the zip file again, and re-install it, maybe you'll get lucky lol! If there are any problems we'd certainly like to hear about them please ...

Remember these are still Beta versions, but have been tested on various systems, so hopefully they're about as good as I can get them at the moment. The ankles work slightly differently, so they should be better than my previous attempts lol - however there are still some anims that cause *sqiffiness* (a technical term for when it goes all funny!)

The last zip file contains the texture maps for helping with re-skinning ...

Okay - let's try this again shall we ...

DO NOT POST this MESH or ANY RE-COLOURS on ANY OTHER SITE, INCLUDING THE SIMS EXCHANGE!!!, or The Sims Resource without permission first - pm me or Kairi here at MTS2.
Re-colours are welcome to be uploaded here at MTS2. It would be nice if you could post a pic here and a link to the Thread where your re-colour is. Ty!
Sorry if all this seems a little harsh, but WE did this for free, to share with ALL Simmers, not just the ones with Credit Cards, and WE don't see why others should make money out of OUR freely given efforts!

Please, everyone enjoy in the spirit in which it is given - thank you.
Happy Simming,
Kairi and Amy xxx

This was supposed to be Uploaded several days ago but unfortunately has hung in limbo due to the site problems ... Sorry Kairi!!!!! God she is so gonna paddle my @ss! x

ps~ the observant amongst you may notice that 2 of the meshes from the preview aren't here - they're still a bit too buggy I'm afraid ... if you all manage to persuade kairi to do the skins there will be an Update witht he rest of the Galz x
Oh, any suggestions for the next theme?
Unfortunately I shall be off-line for a bit, maybe a month or so, so please post questions here or pm 1biKairi and I'm sure she'll look after you ~ toodles, Happy Simming xxx